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Should Fiat Re-Launch Palio In India?

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Driving enthusiasts will agree with us when we say that the Fiat Palio was a really fun-to-drive car. The first generation Palio was sold between 2001-2007 and then Fiat launched the Palio Stile which was sold between 2007-2011. The Palio Stile wasn’t a completely new vehicle and it was just a facelift based on the previous version. The Palio didn’t sell as good as its competitors owing to various factors like Fiat’s poor after-sales service, unavailability of spare parts and so on. Fiat then replaced the Palio with the Grande Punto. Now, Fiat has reduced the prices of the Palio globally and positioned it into a slot which competes with other entry-level hatchbacks like the Volkswagen Up!.

This vehicle is basically the Palio Stile which Fiat has now renamed to Palio Fire. The only changes to the exteriors of the Palio Fire are the new grille and redesigned headlights. Rest of the body panels remain exactly the same. The interiors get a new dashboard, new AC vents and the steering wheel is lifted from the Fiat Idea. Mechanically, the global version of the Palio Fire is powered by a 1.0-litre engine which generates 75 BHP of power. In India, the Palio was powered by a 1.1-litre petrol engine producing 57 PS of power, 1.6-litre petrol engine producing 101 PS of power and 1.3-litre Multijet diesel engine producing 75 PS of power.

If Fiat does re-launch the Palio in India, there is a high possibility of only the 1.1-litre petrol engine finding its way under the hood. It is quite possible for the company to cut down on the prices significantly since this is a very old model and Fiat wouldn’t have to spend a penny on any type of R&D for the Palio now. Throw in some features like ABS, music system, power windows and standard features like AC and power steering, the Palio would give good competition to the Maruti Alto 800 and Hyundai Eon since technically the Palio is a size bigger than both of these. No harm in re-trying the vehicle’s luck and pricing it between Rs. 3.0-3.5 lakhs, right?

Would you buy a Fiat Palio over a Maruti Alto or Hyundai Eon? Let us know by commenting below.

Fiat Palio Fire

Fiat Palio Fire Interiors

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  • Kedar

    Yes Palio will be back in 3rd quarter of 2014 if I am not wrong. But it may latest generation Palio.

  • Ninu

    Palio should be relaunched with only Diesel engine. Brakes should be good, ABS should be standard if possible. But it cant compete with Eon or Alto 800 as they are tin cans made only for mileage and Palio is built as a tank.

  • Gaurav

    yes they should….as palio stile still looks fresh then many other competitors presnt in market now and much better vehicle in terms of drivibility, handling etc

    • Neil

      @Gaurav: I completely second your thoughts, it looks fresh, drives better and has that appeal of big hatch even though it is not. I’ll one of the buyers if Fiat launches it and I am lucky as few of friends still have the last iteration and have been very well looked after.

    • Gaurav

      the looks of this model gives you imag of bigger sedan/suv and thats why its other family models looks awesome. i want fiat to launch itz whole family i.e adventure/strada/sienna/grand sienna and novo palio

  • Vaibhav

    Surely will buy it if it is in same price range like Alto, Eon

    • Gaurav

      i dont think palio deserves to go in such low clss

  • sandy

    If we consider the same ol Palio Stile with 1.1 petrol and 1.3 MJD with present days Fiat A.S.S, it may still demand same importance and sales figure as it was before especially the MJD. But same cannot be said about Palio’s 1.1 petrol due to it’s poor power and efficiency. Most buyers at that range would rarely go for it. One could expect positive result if they introduce their Multi-air engine, but thats not feasible since it demands R&D cost and cost of multi-air technology. But 1.3 MJD could be a challenger to Figo and Datsun diesel.

  • Pravin

    Palio is a class looker even today.. however even if you offer it at half the price of an 800!! People will say its a cheap FIAT dont buy it.. lol

    crazy world…

  • Abhiraj

    Ofcourse they could relaunch the palio…they should do what the ford has done with the figo…if they price it competitively the palio is a good option for the utility seekers….

    • sagar

      yes they must launch the Palio Fire and the Uno Mille Fire too …

      Uno Mille Fire will take on the Entry level small hatch and Palio Fire will take on the budget hatch like Vista, i10 etc. … with Punto taking on the premium hatches …

      It makes sense to get Palio and Uno as new R&D need not be done and tooling except for the new dashboard will already be available …

      1.1 litre retuned petrol for the Uno and 1.2 litre retuned Petrol for the Palio could be the engines … along with a 3 cylinder 1 litre diesel with twin stage turbo or a twin scroll turbo …

  • Srinath

    That’s a really good move Fiat. Would love to see many Fiats on the road!
    My concern here is how would Fiat manage to provide good service for these cars. The service center here in Cochin is almost its brim of service capacity with only Puntos and Lineas!

  • Ben

    Palio is still a looker even though the design is old. Its high ground clearance and big wheels add to its sporty character. 1.9L engine was a blast during those times. But Fiat better not launch it. It is available plenty in after market and has lost its value completely like the old Maruti 800.

  • yila

    Yes. Sure on any day, but with 1.3 MJD and at a competitive price.
    FIAT, this is a good idea as I had suggested a few weeks back. Execute this at once to get volume. Unlike many other car brands, which need to develop new small car models for volume, you have the PALIO on hand already. Please wake up.

  • S Pani

    Fiat should bring the Palio, but not this one. They should bring in the pretty good looking Novo Palio, with the new 1L engine and the Grand Siena as well.

    For me the ideal line up for Fiat brand would be:

    1. Palio: 1L P, 1.3 MJD, 1.4P(only top variant), 1.3MJD 90hp(only top variant)
    2. Siena: 1.4P, 1.3MJD, 1.3MJD 90hp(only top variant)
    3. Punto: 1L P(only base variant), 1.3MJD(only base variant), 1.3MJD 90hp, 1.4P, 1.4P TJet(sporting variant)
    4. Linea: 1.4P (only base variant), 1.3MJD 90hp(only base variant), 1.4P Tjet, 1.6MJD
    5. Punto Abarth: 1.4 P Tjet with 130hp+
    6. Punto Adventure: 1.3MJD 90hp or 1.6MJD, high ground clearance like present Punto, optional simple 4×4 system like on the Panda 4×4, 205/65 R15 tyres.
    7. Fiat 500L(7seater): 1.4P, 1.3MJD 90hp, 1.4P Tjet(top variant), 1.6MJD(top variant)
    8. Fiat 500X: 1.3MJD 90hp or 1.6MJD

    Adding to this there should be a Jeep SUV at around the 9-12L range.

  • Sahil

    Of Course palio was good due to service problem it was staying behind.

  • Viduyt

    If FIAT India has got some brains then they should relaunch Palio and position as Go which Datsun is planning, which is offering buyers big and spacious car worth price of WagonRs and i10s. And with 1.3 MJD at 4 Lakh ex showroom price would take sales chart on fire for FIAT.

  • Shashank Reddy

    Wrong Decision to bring in ABARTH again. Please bring on Palio novo or Novo Uno . You need to target 5-6 lac segment in diesel. Palio Stile can do numbers if you launch again with Interior updates.

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