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Toyota’s FT-1 Design Concept Is Extremely Stylish

Toyota FT-1 Design Concept-Front

All the gaming addicts must have heard of the Toyota FT-1 which features in the Gran Turismo Playstation game. But little did they know about the FT-1 concept car being built for real. Auto enthusiasts knew nothing about such a stylish project until it was unveiled at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show. Toyota claims that the FT-1 sportscar is based on the company’s history of building sport coupe’s like the 2000GT, Supra, MR2 and the Scion FR-S. However, this sleek red beast from Toyota is not bound to get a heart. In fact, the FT-1 is a concept built to showcase the new design language Toyota has adapted.

If the FT-1 was to get power, Toyota envisions it as an aggressive track-focussed sports car with a high performance engine. Toyota assures that their future line-up will depict design cues from the FT-1. And when they say so, what closely relates to the discussion is the possible revival of the Supra. The Toyota Supra was a sports coupe and was much loved by auto enthusiasts until it was discontinued in 2002. Toyota, in 2007, displayed the FT-HS (Future Toyota-Hybrid Sport) concept and since then hopes have been floating about a possible revival of the Supra.

The FT-1 (Future Toyota #1) was designed at the Calty Design Research in California. The same design centre has been home to previous Supra models too. Despite being a concept with no engine specifics, the FT-1 looks very much a production ready sports car. A long hood, short overhang, extreme aerodynamics and retractable rear spoiler. No exciting engine specifications and performance figures can be quoted about the car, so what? The FT-1 will be the basis for future designs. That will definitely keep people hooked onto future Toyota products to see how this design will be evident on other products.

Toyota FT-1 Design Concept

Toyota FT-1 Design Concept Side

Toyota FT-1 Rear Taillights

Toyota FT-1 Rear Spoiler

Toyota FT-1 Design Concept Rear

Toyota FT-1 Design Concept Interiors

Toyota FT-1 LED Headlamp

Toyota FT-1 Rear

Toyota FT-1 Rear Bumper

Toyota FT-1 Exhaust

Toyota FT-1 Exhaust

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