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Bajaj Unveils Pulsar CS400, Pulsar SS 400 [Live]

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Bajaj Pulsar CS400 Concept

Pulsar 375, Pulsar 200 SS are all things of the past because Bajaj Auto has unveiled two new hot bikes at the 2014 Auto Expo, the Pulsar CS400 and Pulsar SS400. Both bikes are distant cousins of the KTM Duke 390 but are in concept form currently, the detailing on these vehicles is insane. Both the Pulsar CS400 and Pulsar SS400 are grabbing everyone’s attention although one is a naked street-fighter while the other is a full faired machine. The bikes have ABS and look really stellar.

The Pulsar CS400 has a lot of Ducati influence, visible in the all digital console (with a display on the tank). The CS stands for Cruiser Sports and is a power cruiser on the lines of the Ducati Diavel. The Pulsar CS400 is going to be launched in 2015 but isn’t a direct replacement to the Avenger. Bajaj Auto has created an all new category with the Pulsar CS400 which doesn’t seem like a compromise in any way. It will be launched next year and we can expect Bajaj Auto to price the Pulsar CS400 at under Rs. 1.75 lakhs, which is quite attractive a price.

Coming to the Pulsar SS400, the bike is a full faired motorcycle which looks the part thanks to the massive detailing. While the platform and many bits are from the Pulsar 200 NS, the Pulsar SS400 has a gorgeous tail light unit which is too jazzy for production. The Pulsar SS400 also gets clip-on handle bars but doesn’t have as long a wheelbase as the CS400 which is the bike to ride if you want to tour long distances comfortably. Both these bikes will go on sale within a year’s time so it’s exciting times for those who are big fans of the definitely male motorcycle brand.

Bajaj Pulsar CS400

Pulsar CS400 Speedometer

Bajaj Pulsar CS400 Engine

Bajaj Pulsar CS400 Exhaust

Bajaj Pulsar CS400 Tail

Bajaj Pulsar CS400 Rear

Bajaj Pulsar SS400 Concept

Pulsar 400 SS

Bajaj Pulsar SS400

Bajaj Pulsar SS400 Side

Bajaj Pulsar SS400 Rear

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  • ipanase

    wow,,,, 400

  • karan

    naked is awesome

  • Kishor Sonar

    Looks Awesome!!!!!!!!!!


    I have never seen anything like this …Oh god…I’m loosing my sense …This things will be in our roads ..Hell yeah ..Please bring some details motorbeam

  • shahul

    RESPECT bajaj for the design and looks these new beasts are having…
    hope the quality also comes on par with the looks and no one can beat bajaj…
    mindblowing..mouth watering looks…simply superb..
    other indian bike makers should learn from bajaj for design nd looks..
    this design is going to become viral for sure…

    • dhaval

      400cc means price and mileage would be ass watering. bajaj engines are never refined.

  • shahul

    bajaj is lightyears ahead in design and asthetics when compared to other indian bike manufactures ..
    designwise…no words..simply suprub…

  • joshua

    hats off BAJAJ! loved both the concepts…
    there are so many bajaj haters in our country! who teasd 200NS !
    this is the answer! done a fantastic job bajaj


    Thanks motorbeam …you’re the always the quickest to cover the latest launches

    • Thanks, our tail is on fire.

    • spitfire

      Kudos to you, ur team for publishing it and BAL for bringing out this two smahing products especially the 400CS (i’m a bit biased towards NAKEDS) , i am feeling the same sensation(butterfly in the stomach) over again when i saw the gen1 p-180 for the first time i feel lyk i was 14yrs old. HATS OFF!!

    • Neil

      @Spitfire: You stole my words…I was of the same age when i saw the first 180 test ran. Down the line and years have passed and I am getting nostalgic.

    • MANU


  • kp

    sab ka baap-bajaj! thank god thy give wide and flat handle bar on naked bike unlike 200ns..400 s.s mixed feelin abt fairin and tall clip on handlebars!

  • vivek singh

    Sorry Yamaha… losing loyalty…

    • Abhay

      Same here.

    • Gangzz


      Sorry Yamaha!

  • Sushrut

    Great work guys !! Hot news straight out of the oven!!
    One word for these bikes AWESOME!!

  • prasad

    Naked pulsar looks AWESOME,Faired bikes looks are subjective

  • Archer

    Thanks MotorBeam. You guys are doing really great work. These mean machines are so awesome. Keep updating this thread.

  • sandy

    I skipped some beat and pulses just like Bajaj Pulsar skipping its pulses from 200 to 400. Wow… Pulsar has become iconic, just look at the design. Its hard to believe that they also make REs and ugly rickshaws standing some distance away from P CS400(6th pic) stealing the show from the show sealer.

  • Rahul

    Voila!!! now put that HX250 in to the dustbin… bravo Bajaj….

    • Jai

      Rightly said. HERO and HONDA Lovers will commit suicide as predicted.

    • Balachander

      HX250 is still good in its segment 200-300CC


    Superb….Looks like a 1000 cc machine. This is going to kill Honda CBR 500R. Great job from BAJAJ.

  • Abhiraj

    Bajaj is back with a bang..the naked version looks better than the duke 390…though the faired version generates mixed feelings…

  • Karna da

    You guys (BAJAJ) need to improve….
    See the SS400 Hadlebar very poor

  • Kiran

    Wow MOtorbeam !! You just gave me big morning surprise!!! Shit man!! I am outta words for these bikes .!!! Bring it on bajaj !!! Does superb is enough to say for these two monsters?? OMG!!

    • They are yet to be unveiled, we got up at 5:30 and went to snap the bikes when they were being cleaned ;p


      You guys are just awesome man…..

    • Kiran

      Kudos man :) You guys are really doing a great job. Please give some more info …

    • Ysak

      gr8 going fas..

    • Rahul

      Now that is what dedication and enthusiasm means…

    • yila

      Best Photos and coverage among all the sites, MotorBeam!
      Tonnes of appreciation to you!
      Feeling like having been there in person, on seeing these super-sharp photos! No wonder I visit your site multiple times a day! Keep it up.

    • Thanks a ton Yila, this means a lot to us and the whole team has put in a lot of effort to make this happen ;-)

  • shubam

    OH. MY. GOD!

  • Manash

    I am also among the guys who say kitna deti he whenever see anew bike..but after looking at this…I am like Bhaar me jaa mileage…
    by the way Faisal or Mohit bro do u guys have any news about the Bajaj Cruiser …any chance ?????

  • Sachin

    i cant belive this is bajaj….no wards…only wow wow wow!! Honda in deep trouble

  • ebhji

    how much the price? look awesome,,

  • Shreyansh

    Bajaj Proves it again! ‘Distinctly Ahead’ in true sense!

  • Kapil

    “Buland bharat ki Buland Tasvir….Hamara Bajaj!!

  • Jai

    Where are those HERO and HONDA lovers? Yes ,they are hiding in a dustbin now I feel.

  • Nigil Das M

    No More Words…no more debates …Just Thums Up to Bajaj…

  • Varun

    i think the p 400cs (CS standing for cruiser sports i suppose) was the much talked abt cruiser (power cruiser) concept nonetheless its very good.

  • Ronak

    Time to support Indian manufacturers. People start buying Indian bikes only!

    These bikes have blown me apart. Ready to sell my P220. Any takers :D ?

  • Ashikwild

    Most of the parts are from…ktm duke…!…shame bajaj. ..!

    • Rahul

      So what is wrong in that???

    • Jai

      @Ashikwild: Hahahah. What are you talking about? Its not a copy man, Its a strategy adopted by Bajaj to reach the MASS(value for money) where KTM is for the class(Premium) . Remember Bajaj owns 47% stake in KTM and Parts sharing reduces the manufacturing cost for Bajaj.

    • Neil

      @Ashikwild: Have a good night sleep…you need it right away, I know it is very heavy stuff to digest. But thats real and KTM is Bajaj and Bajaj is KTM. Pack you bags and go to school :D

    • Rahul TV

      @Ashikwild: Shame on u mann,,,,,u definitely deserve a “MIDDLE FINGER UP”…Shut up Kiddoo…Grow up…

    • against

      @Ashikwild, 400SS doesn’t have same parts as KTM Duke. But whole front design from Energica Ego. May be last two words suits aptly. Anyone wish to oppose it, compare both before making your comments here ;)

    • harish tikam

      ktm uses bajaj parts dint you saw?
      check handle bar switches and tyres!!!!

    • against

      @harish tikam, dont mistake me. I made a post for people who speak in a biased way for bajaj. I can understand that parts are shared but they justify as Bajaj and KTM are one and the same. If thats the case what would they say for 400SS, even Bajaj holds share in Energica.

  • naveen

    faired one is a true copy of energica. street fighter rear looks damn ugly.

  • Sumit

    Both motorcycles look extremely well built machines .. I knew Bajaj would kill it. f’k yes !

  • Neil

    @Fais: Thanks heap man!!! Absolutely stunning and I am still scratching my head…where to see what to see how to see…..:-S. Good damn these pictures gave me goosebumps. How can they just rip apart every new lunch. Bajaj will be sued by Honda and Hero obviously for :P. This is simply mindblowing no words just a standing ovation :D. Bajaj, thank you once again.

  • Neil
  • pj

    Omg!!! When hero showcased hx 250 i thought Bajaj was gone but now they are the show stopper killed hx 250 before its launched Bajaj won the battle your the best Bajaj!!!!!!! Hats off!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nykz

    when can i expect these bikes in our showrooms…..

    • Jai

      Third quarter 2014 I feel. I am right Faisal?

    • Atul

      Any guess for on road price…

    • Jai

      Take a guess: On Road Price Bangalore.

      KTM 200 : 158000, PULSAR 200NS : 107000. Diff : 51000
      KTM 390: 220000, PULSAR 375CS: EXPT 165000. Diff : 55000
      KTM RC 390: Expt 270000, PULSAR 375 SS: 190000. Diff 80000

  • ToRqUe

    Naked one Suzuki B-king RIPOFF
    fared one energica ego RIPOFF which i think is overdone with vinyls & stickering… otherwise attractive
    Honda has very bland boring & plain designs…
    Only promising design i see are from TVS Draken Concept 250cc is making these 400 twins look like tricycles!! (BUT ITS A BLOODY CONCEPT) :/
    Bajaj on the other hand are very PROMPT in making concepts into reality —–> thumbs up to bajaj for that!!!

    looks good but INDIAN companies still need to work on their originality

    • kp

      no one really care about originality even p220F semi fairing is similar to suzuki bandit 1250…bajaj fans trolled me one website! promising thing both these bikes affordable beast with refined engine thanks to KTM…naked cs 400 i really liked it but ss 400 mixed feeling and tail lamp weird one..

    • ToRqUe

      originality May not matter to the average run of the mill Joe looking to buy a good looking bike….
      but 400cc is an enthusiast category & its not something that the masses will buy
      personally i think the naked 400 has a better chance than the fared one
      FARING may work on the 200 pulsars which will b a hit with the masses too

    • nikhil badhe

      copying ss400 from energica put a bad impression about the company

    • Jai

      95% of people not heard about Energica and seen in INDIA. So nobody worries about the copy.

    • sagar

      have a good look at the ktm super duke 1290. Draken’s design is hidden inside it.

  • Veeresh

    No words for bajaj its really awesome wow wow wow ………..!

  • Athish

    Bajaj on a roll after the merger with KTM….. Thanks Faiz for uploading it first that too in HQ images…. No others (Autocar, Overdrive ) have done it better so far….. Motorbeam guyz rockzzzzzzz

  • joshua

    FAISAL ~ how about ktm’s? dont they have a stall?
    wbt 200SS? waiting.. :)

    • Nope, there is no 200 SS and there is no KTM.

    • Abhi

      No KTM at all?? Not even in the coming days?? :(

  • Honda fan

    Last year Bajaj copied 200NS from honda cb1000. Now bajaj has copied Ducati. Honda rocks. Bajaj flop.

    • A Bystander

      Dude, seriously? :D lol get ur head outa ur ass and appreciate bajaj. They have done a fine job, and btw fyi its not honda copy but dat of energica and suzuki.

    • Nishanth

      Excuse me Honda fan, i agree that Bajaj has inspired from the Ducati Diavel for the instrument cluster and tank cluster of CS400 but whatever maybe going on… just look at the bike it is mind boggling and power packed both in design and performance. Diavel Inspired ????? so what ! would you be able to afford diavel at a price of 22 lakhs ex showroom !!!! you are in india Dude even if you can buy it you wont be able to ride it on our roads, but this bike you could get it for the price of 1.6 Lakhs (Approx) and hence just put aside blaming the brand and wait for the release, if the bike doesnt meet your expectations then criticize the bike.
      Even i am also a honda fan but what have they offered us in this Expo ? some of their CBR’s which are insanely priced and after all these years a honda Activa 125 !!……………… sorry Honda youa are going down…

  • Akash

    PULSAR name is CHEAP for this awesome bike….

  • Antony

    The naked bike looks cool. Though the design seems inspired from ducatti and engine and frame parts are from ktm. But what bajaj does is make them affordable. Have you noticed the long wheelbase and angle of front suspension. It seems more like a cruiser, not a sweet bike. From the finishing, the bike seems production ready.

    • Abhiraj

      I don’t think the bike is inspired from a ducati…but it does resembles the bmw k1200 r from sideways….i thnk it is designed by the same bmw designer who gave us the 200 ns

  • nikhil badhe

    cs400 looks perfect in every dimension including the exhaust but ss400 is what made me disappointed as it seems to be copied from energica..,,,no one can take the tag of fastest indian other than pulsar at this point of time

  • Gokul

    O M G!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…..

  • Rahul

    Claer cut download of Duke 390 engine.. Bajaj has don nothing worth.. Just for the sake of Expo..
    Design seems rather outdated for one. And for the other, front fairing is oversized. It will be weird to drive on Indian roads just like the awful ZMR.. Thumbs down Bajaj.. :(

  • Monty

    Definitely Male……….

  • honda ka raam naam satya hai!

    honda game over ! hamara bajaj is back!!

  • Ben

    A good, harsh launch by Bajaj. The design is great. The twins are going to rock the roads for sure because they are segment first in this category after duke 390. But there is nothing innovative like what the Hero HX250 boasts. The hx pumps out massive 31bhp just out of a 250cc mill similar to the ninja 250 which was a twin.

  • Atul

    Afer Pulsar 220f……Cs400…really are really awsome…
    Waiting for the on Road price……

    Genuinelly…The fasted Indian…….

  • Prajwal

    @Faisal Khan
    Will they launch the 200ss after the auto expo like they did in the case of 200ns? If there is a 400ss there ought to be a 200ss too.

  • shanishwar

    beautiful but…………..(1) quiry handlebar so upper level

  • Devarun

    Fatie Diechhe guru..





    • sandy

      Do u know, who designe the Duke???
      first educate yourself before giving a comment

  • lucho

    desde argentina esperando a esa maquina ansioso
    excelente me encanto

  • vivek

    Its seems now there won’t be pulsar 375 but pulsar CS and SS 400. Expecting launch of both bikes as dispalayed…

  • alfa rox

    can u q me the bike prices pls in sri lanka

  • Jai.

    Take a guess: On Road Price Bangalore.

    KTM 200 : 158000, PULSAR 200NS : 107000. Diff : 51000
    KTM 390: 220000, PULSAR 375CS: EXPT 165000. Diff : 55000
    KTM RC 390: Expt 270000, PULSAR 375 SS: 190000. Diff 80000

    • Evan

      with the last one you trolled yourself :P

  • Maddy

    Cs400 looks more than 375cc bike.
    Now we can say yes Hamara bajaj, now bajaj just need a good ad campaign killer as it was for previous pulsars not as 200ns….!!! Bajaj will kill the competition….
    And hero will kill competition in 250cc. Great going indian biking really great…..

  • cristhian..

    cuantos hp tendran estas bellezas? quiero ver su ficha técnica por favor.

  • ketan

    Mr.Rajiv bajaj & team pulsar u gyes r doing great job…..

  • Jaspreet Singh

    o bai es waar te sirra laa ta , att kra ti att

  • Ron

    Baby………….u r awesome……………….now every boy will stalk and stare this bike instead of Gurlz…………….!!!!! that is super kool……..bajaj ia super cool………..yeah India It is.:)

  • rami

    Is using the first launched Pulsar 180 still, good build, performance and working fine. Though I use it only sparingly. it is much better than subsequent models of Pulsar. Looking for 350 cc + models from Bajaj. these are stunning,

  • Alex

    OSSSSSSSSssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssmmmmmmmm :) BP400//

  • Evan

    Boy this is superb !! The CS400 is an absolute killer !! the aggressive front, fluidic design from the rear cowl to the headlamp,the meaty forks,the fat rubber, xposed body,sculpted tank all keep me drooling !! but as soon as I look at the SS400, I find myself disappointed ! the fairing looks a lot bulky and even it doesn’t gel wid the overall tank and seat !! Also it seems like an desperate effort that turned out disappointing !! not what I expected after the spy images and renderings !! Sorry BAJAJ ! :-(

  • jenish

    these two are shifting my mind from RE.

  • AJ

    While the manufacturers are moving ahead with sophisticated and international-level products, one thing they should SERIOUSLY CONSIDER is the SERVICING.
    It’s true all over India that after-sales-service is almost never upto the mark especially in the cases of advanced, non-commuter bikes.
    Maybe alternatively, we would see private performance service chains or something along the lines of that.
    Also by the way, the speed limit for 2wheelers stays 50kmph. Perfect.

  • Ahmedhussain

    Awesome in look.. great design…

  • Duke

    Ugly bike……..

  • Shabbu

    The naked bike is supercool.. But the SS is not that perfect when compared to the naked bike… With this kind of looks and staggering power, this will kill other competitors…

  • Ashique

    the cs is owsm………loved it…..

  • Aseem

    Killer, can be my first bajaj i own ever, simply for looks..gr8!

  • brosnan

    The Bajaj guys at Auto Expo were saying that there would be changes in CS 400 when it goes to production. There wont be inverted front shocks and decision on ABS is not taken. But they were confident that SS 400 would be 90% same bike displayed at Expo. Price tag would be around 1.7-1.9 lks

  • SV

    if bajaj goes for metzelers as on duke 390 , then 400cs will be hotter than duke !

  • Himanshu

    My dream Pulsar 400cc and so nice

  • Deepak Singh

    Wow it’s awsome m gong to sell my 220F n now i wnt this 400SS gyz bajaj r great this is the best compn fr bikerz boyz

  • cristian

    when someone would come to save Colombia???

    • Lovehater

      i just saw on youtube video in which Bajaj Motorcycle Enginnering division head clearly stated that Bajaj has plans to go global with these Bikes,,,, But we will first have these beasts

  • Akhil

    THNKS BAJAJ…………………

  • sunil

    looks beautiful than katoom390

  • karthick

    its of low cost but the fuel economy will be bad with such high horse power

  • Sunil

    Similar to Ducati Diavel.
    i went for ktm 390 thinking i cannot afford a Diavel.
    I wish i had waited for p400.

    • P400 still a few months away from launch.

    • kp

      p 400 cs will available in 2015 april only and this year p 400 ss available in july-august!

  • muzaffar hayat

    Thanks bajaj. These two bikes are really beautiful and super will be stand on behalf of the world’s best bikes. Bajaj proves that not only h/d, bmw, ducati and other international bike manufacturer. Now also Hamara bajaj.

  • kumar Mohit

    Expected price of p400 ss

  • jhon

    when do these bikes come to colombia?
    what is the price?

    • Prices and launch not announced for India yet.

  • indian lover

    All foreign company loverz…look @ china for a moment, they copy every parts of global market to develop so copying doesn’t matters development is way to success through any routes….just suck all your foreign products…

  • Tomy

    Do not expect mileage as compared to other Bajaj models. The recent bikes are in collaboration with KTM engineer’s design though they wont agree to it. Research for automobiles in India is not even in average. As long as India not attaining that capability we will see more western, Japanese auto giants play their games in our land. And we Indians we will more ahead in advanced technology by the time India get the grip in auto-research.
    Bajaj 400 ss is a sport model where is 400 cs is a kind of city bike. The sports model needs to be tested rigorously and the design should be aerodynamic especially with Indian roads. So far bajaj platform has no technology to test their products for aero – dynamics and stability in engine, design and maneuvering at very high speeds.
    If the product has to be internationally qualified these factors should be qualified. lets hope for the best.

  • Tushar Balwani

    Faisal do you know when will they launch 400ss?? I wish to buy one.. do u hav any idea about launch date??

    • It will be launched in the second half of the year.

  • alex anto thomas

    fantastic is better than r15 and cbr250 nice front view,nice power

  • rashitha

    I from sri lanka !! I like this one !! how I get this one for sri lanka ??

  • raj mudgal

    I am waiting for this bike
    what is a launch date


    I LIKE THE BIKE SO MUCH !!!!!!!11


  • gokz

    whooo whoooo bajaj just rockzz mahn!!
    cbr is gonna duck!
    ninja toooo
    i’m waiting for 400ss when will be its launching date & the price range??

  • suvajit

    ss 400 bhp?

  • julian

    when coming to indonesia brooo….im pulsarian…200cc

  • anatoliy

    a fuel consumption per 100 kilometers in the city

  • parth

    really amazing …………….
    f##king all the bikes

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