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SCOOP – List Of Changes On Yamaha R15 V3 Leaked

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Yamaha R15 Version 3

The launch of the Yamaha R15 Version 3.0 gets near and near and obviously speculations and discussions get tense day by day. Expectations are high and Yamaha seems all set to deliver that. We have received details of the host of changes which have been done to the R15 V3, 95% are mechanical/technical while 5% are aesthetic. Let’s finish with the 5% which is nothing but golden coloured brake callipers at the front and rear. Nothing else is being changed as it is already loaded with technically superior chassis bits found in this segment. Let us remind you that the R15 got 4% more aerodynamic and 5 mm lower when it went from V1 to V2, while also receiving an aluminium swingarm. The R15 V2 is internally known as 1CK4 while the R15 V3 is codenamed 2FB1.

Coming to the new details which have been exclusively leaked to us are as follows –

  • O2 sensor, FID (fast idle mechanism)
  • New fuel pump
  • Crank angle sensor and cam sensor
  • Intake air pressure sensor, intake air temperature sensor and throttle position sensor
  • Second generation FI system with new 6 hole injector and injector assembly
  • Newly designed ECU
  • New canister air vent to improve combustion and emissions, has new bracket under the airbox
  • Changes made to the DiaSil cylinder head
  • Cylinder head cover is new
  • Coolant reservoir has a new design
  • AIS system has been shown the bin (the same system exists on the FZ till now)
  • Automatic decompression
  • New throttle bodies
  • Shorter throttle cables (both of them)
  • Catalyser size has gone from 45 mm to 53.5 mm
  • 2 stage type exhaust (for reference, Dukes have 3 stage)
  • CR9E spark plug instead of CR8E
  • New single phase AC Magnet and RR unit
  • New Rotor assembly
  • Sealed type fuel tank cap
  • Fuel tank rollover valve
  • New circuit added in the LCD speedometer assembly (average and current fuel consumption meters could come up on the meter)
  • Bigger footrest plates
  • New side stand
  • New windscreen

As you can see, there are a host of changes to the intake and exhaust system in various forms. Power output remains unchanged at 17 PS while torque output remains the same at 15 Nm. All these technical changes to the engine are solely because of adding a new key component which is the O2 sensor, which gives super-duper precise throttle response and increase in horsepower while cutting down on emissions by a huge margin. An O2 sensor measures oxygen in the exhaust gas to provide extremely efficient combustion in the engine. This is mainly to meet the extremely strict BS4 emission norms which are coming next year. All bikes in India are compliant to BS3 rules currently.

Yamaha R15 V3

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  • kamal

    Is it feasible to get these things on the v2.0….?????

  • Vaishnav

    @fais i’m planning to buy this bike. I’m 5.9ft.. Plz tell me this bike will suit for me as it has low height?

  • max9

    Even karizma r produces 19.2 bhp and 200ns 23.2 bhp who will buy r15?

    • Pavan

      people who prefers quality over quantity

    • Arun


    • antony

      Karzima and 200ns produce 19 and 23 bhp from 225 and 200cc engines. R15 produces 18 bhp from just 150 cc engone without compromising on torque. So, which is more efficient? Clearly, the r15.

    • Still R15 costs more than the other two bikes, yes it has better technology.

    • bijoy saha

      a crab 150cc engine can defeat both those bikes :)

  • ipanase

    1 phase? like yamaha new FZ-150i indonesia ( new vixion ), so, maybe thats headlamp will AC to? not DC again?

  • Ninu

    o2 sensor measures oxygen in exhaust gas, not in the air sucked by engine.

  • Akash

    hmmmm…. but full digital meter should have been added too….

    anyway this can be 1st sports bike of teenagers or the one who is going from 125 cc or basic 150cc bikes….

  • sannat

    bappi lahiri bike

  • rio –

    It should change to the R125 model, than it will be awesome!!

  • Ben

    These changes are because of the arrival of the gixxer 150. Anyway a good move by Yamaha.

    • It has nothing to do with Gixxer 150cc. Fz competition nothing to do with R15 right?

  • shahul

    gixxer is a commuterish bike …chek the seating position and all..
    dont think gixxer will be a direct competition to r15..
    the no: of sesors is v3 is too damn high.;-)..
    it should be called as techno’cycle
    than a motorcycle..

  • Hari Krishnan

    False Scoop.
    It’s just a new colour line-up.
    It has been confirmed by,Next time post by checking the authenticity of the information.

    • Hari, it’s a new colour lineup on the top but underneath the mechanical changes have been done. Also once the bike launches, please visit this post and you can verify the changes we mentioned.

    • kp

      but no power increment only 17ps

    • Hari Krishnan

      But Fas,The brochure is out. :o
      There is no power increase also.

  • Amit Malve

    Faisal Bhai as per you the power is up by 1ps, could you please confirm this again?

  • banty basu

    there is no mechanical upgrade.these are only new colour for r15v2.

  • RS

    Nice upgrade, but I expected a bit more power. A bit higher compression would have made it more efficient as well as producing a bit more power. But in its segment it is still one of the best, plus Yamaha puts more effort on their chassis than on outright power. The O2 sensor is added due the more strict latest emission norms. It doesn’t make throttle response that much super duper, the fuel mapping of the ecu makes the throttle response more crisp, the better the fuel map the smoother, efficient and more fun the throttle response becomes. Begineers will really enjoy the new R15, but for the enthusiast, we still want a big brother of it.

  • KSD

    @Faisal khan I am 18 year old and planning to go for my first bike , Iam confused between Yamaha R15 , karizma ZMR and pulsar 200ns. Please suggest me one. My requirements are good handling easy maintainence decent fuel efficiency and comfortable ride.

  • Confused

    @Faisal khan I am 18 year old and planning to buy my first bike. I am confused between Hero karizma ZMR Yamaha R15 V3.0 and pulsar 200ns. My basic requirements are good handling decent economy comfortable ride .

    • xitiz

      bro there is no R15 V3.0.

      And concerning to your querry, best handling bike here is R15- P200NS- ZMR. Though the difference is not much if you are a sedate rider. Economy wise all three give almost the same figures. Comfort wise ZMR is the most comfortable while R15 is the least.

      Now its up to you to decide, you want a sports bike, a naked street or a tourer. :)

    • Confused

      Thank you soon much @Xitiz.

    • Confused

      Are those mechanical changes in 2014 Yamaha R15 true ?? Because many people are saying nothing has changed much rather than new colours .

    • xitiz

      they are right i guess. apart from making it more environment friendly, i don’t think there are other changes mechanically/technically.

    • Nope, no changes in performance whatsoever.

  • Goutham

    Hey guys pls help me abt launching details of r15 v3 still waiting for a good news

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