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Is Fiat Avventura The Best Hatchback Based Crossover?

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Fiat Avventura Review

Fiat unveiled the Avventura at the 2014 Auto Expo which concluded last month. The Avventura is a hatchback on stilts or a cross between a hatchback and a compact SUV. The automaker has developed the Fiat Avventura on the basis of the Grande Punto and this fact is easily evident going by the looks and size of the vehicle. However, what we love about Fiat is that the company has worked really hard and made a significant amount of changes to the vehicle unlike others like Skoda and Volkswagen who just added body-cladding and launched ‘Cross’ versions of their vehicles Fabia and Polo respectively.

The Fiat Avventura is one hell of a looker. The front might look a bit weird to some but that is mostly due to the design of the headlight and grille combo which somewhat reminds us of a frog. However, we must say that the lights look striking and the projectors add a touch of sophistication to this rugged vehicle. The all-black grille really suits the Avventura and so does the body-cladding that starts from the front bumper and is carried forward throughout the length of the body. Fiat has added a silver skid plate at the bottom of the front bumper and that also lends a touch of appeal. The DRLs have a good design.

Not much to say about the side profile. You can see the body-cladding flowing along with the thick door-protector strips. The B-pillar is glossy black unlike the usual matte black that we see everywhere. The alloy wheels look very appealing as this combination of black and silver really compliments the design. The centre cap of the alloys and brake callipers are body-coloured which add a bit of contrast. Coming to the rear, again Fiat has lent a nicely designed bumper to the Avventura. It comes with a swingarm to hold the spare wheel. The dual exhaust tips along with the other bumper elements gel well with the overall theme of the vehicle. The tail lights look aftermarket and Fiat could have provided something simpler but we are not complaining.

Moving to the interiors, the Fiat Avventura comes with a new dashboard that is also found on the new 2014 Linea. However, here the dashboard comes in a colour combination of black and grey and the body-coloured accents really help in breaking the monotony of the colour scheme. The interiors look very good overall and we really can’t complain much. The audio system controls and AC vents come with a piano finish so expect both of these areas to be full of finger prints. The centre console also gets a compass.

The Fiat Avventura will be available with both petrol and diesel engine options. The diesel Avventura will be powered by the usual Fiat 1.3-litre Multijet engine. This oil-burner produces 93 PS of power and 209 Nm of torque. The vehicle comes with wide 225 section tyres wrapped around 17-inch alloys. These tyres play a significant role in providing the Avventura an SUV-ish stance. The roof-rails on the Avventura can be fitted with carriers or cycle-holders and this would help a great deal to those who plan to venture out on trips outside the city.

We feel Fiat should have provided a more powerful engine option like the 1.6-litre Multijet with this crossover. However, the company is offering the smaller engine so that it passes the regulations laid by the Government to benefit from tax concessions dolled out to small cars. The bigger engine would have upped the price of the vehicle significantly. Fiat vehicles are known for their handling and ride characteristics so we don’t even need to mention that the Avventura too will have a very good ride quality and it won’t be bouncy. The handling should be good too thanks to the excellent chassis as well as the tyres.

We are really impressed with Fiat and they seem to have done a great job with the Avventura. With such proper crossovers, no one will even look at the Volkswagen CrossPolo or the Skoda Fabia Scout now (nobody actually looks at them anyways). The Fiat Avventura will be launched during the festive season later this year and the success of this vehicle greatly depends on how Fiat prices and markets it. Fiat has separated from Tata Motors and now they are setting up independent service centres too which is great news for existing as well as prospective customers. We can expect the Fiat Avventura to be priced between Rs. 8-10 lakhs (ex-showroom, Mumbai).

Fiat Avventura Auto Expo 500

2014 Fiat Avventura Interiors

Fiat Avventura Dashboard

Fiat Avventura Interiors

Fiat Avventura Rear Seat

2014 Fiat Avventura

Fiat Avventura Headlight

Fiat Avventura Side

Fiat Avventura Tyres

Fiat Avventura Spare Wheel

Fiat Avventura Tail Light

Fiat Avventura Rear

Fiat Avventura Luggage Rack

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  • yila

    Yes, for sure.
    It can even pose serious competition to Ecosport, if FIAT’s pricing is rational and competitive. FIAT could try the “Introductory Price” gimmick to attract the prospective customers first.

  • Sadanand Karegoudar

    Seems to be a good product. It all depends upon the competitive pricing of the product to succeed in india.

  • Sushrut

    Rear hatch door mounted spare wheel looks awesome but will be a hindrance while you park in tight spots in the city. Overall much better effort from FIAT than others.

  • Nikki

    Is their even a debate on this? VW Polo and Skoda Fabia crossovers can be called half-hearted attempts at best while Etios cross looks like shit. Hope Fiat market it well.

  • Kedar

    The Avventura looks cool and I hope FIAT will launch it with 1.4 Tjet and 1.6 Multijet. Am I asking more than expected? lol.

    Pricing will play important road and if price of this car goes above 9-10 lakh then game over. One failure in FIAT India’s pocket.

    • It’s a sub 4-metre car, so it won’t get big engines for sure.

  • Shedha

    It all depends on marketing and pricing and this could actually compete with Ford ecosport.
    Comparing the diesel variant (based on punto dimensions & stats):
    Ground Clearance: punto already has 185, with 17″ tyres, it would probably be 190 vs 200 for ecosport.
    power: 92 PS for punto/avventura vs 89PS for eco
    fuel efficiency: avventura should return slightly better FE
    seating space: punto front seats are comfortable, rear is cramped for 3, but same is the case with ecosport.
    Boot space: punto has 280 litres, vs 340 for ecosport, without the spare tyre, I think avventura boot space would be comparable to ecopsort.
    Features: Punto is pretty good on features, and fiat could pump in rain sensing wipers and auto headlanp features to add to the appeal.
    Ride & Handling: Punto has best in class, ecosport is good but not on par, so avventura should come out trumps.
    If fiat plays its cards right, there is very little ecosport has better than avventura, Add to that the uncertain waiting periods of excosport could actually help fiat. Let’s see if they manage to sell this well.

    • Athish

      Well said Shedha. Sure Avventura can lure many Ecosport buyers.

    • Good comparison Amit but the emotion and appeal the Avventura has is two shades above the EcoSport.

  • sachin

    Excellent work by fiat
    just prize it right Fiat, like Honda u will be leader in this segment
    Honda has experienced that
    one more thing,for power loving people like me,Fiat should ve a model of 100 plus BHP ,this segment is also has lot of potential,n will help Fiat un brand building

    • For power, Fiat will need to offer a 1.6.

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