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2014 Tata Aria Facelift

The Tata Aria has been one of the Indian company’s most ambitious projects, however only failed in the market courtesy of the exorbitant pricing that people weren’t ready to pay for brand Tata. The crossover barely manages numbers and in spite of a price revision and product re-positioning, Tata still couldn’t manage to get these out of the showrooms. The company in a bid to cope with the market, has given the Aria crossover a facelift and although the changes on the facelift may not be comprehensive, the improvements are always a welcome.

The 2014 Tata Aria facelift gets a slew of updates on the crossover including changes to the powertrain, interior and exterior design as well as the addition of features. The updated 2.2-litre VARICOR diesel engine now churns out 150 PS of power, 10 PS higher than the predecessor and 320 Nm of torque, now managing an ARAI certified mileage of 15.5 km/l. Exterior upgrades on the Aria facelift include dual parabola projectors, black bezel headlamp units and clear lens side blinkers as well as clear lens tail lamps. The design is largely the same, but Tata Motors has added new decals to the crossover.

The interiors of the Aria facelift also receive a minor update with a more effective build quality and addition of new gadgetry. The seats feature new upholstery and retain the 2+3+3 seating layout. There is a minor increase on the rear legroom of the Aria. The NVH levels have also been reduced for a quieter cabin. You also get automatic AC with pillar mounted air-con vents, two-tone leather upholstery and chrome accents on the door handles. Other equipment includes a NAVTEQ navigation system, Bluetooth connectivity, cruise control, rain sensing wipers and auto sensing headlamps apart from other creature comforts.

A major addition to the 2014 Tata Aria is the uber cool Harmon-Kardon audio system that comes loaded with six speakers and four tweeters. In terms of safety, Tata Motors has loaded the Aria with six airbags, ABS, ESP, Traction Control System (TCS) and all-wheel disc brakes. The facelifted Aria is available in both two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive, complying with BS4 emission norms. The crossover is offered in pearl white, arctic silver and quartz black colours while the older maroon colour has been discontinued.

2014 Tata Aria Facelift Prices (ex-showroom, Delhi) –

* Aria Pure LX 4X2 – Rs. 9,95,006/-
* Aria Pleasure 4X2 – Rs. 12,00,010/-
* Aria Pride 4X4- Rs. 14,74,002/-

Tata Aria Interiors

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  • Emelia

    I appreciate the information on your web sites.

    Much thanks.

  • Kedar

    The pricing is perfect now.

  • ashwin

    I’s it true dat in duke 200 only 2 valves are opened and the remaining 2 are not used

    • neo

      Yha thats true….only 2 valves opens. Rest two are for visuals. They are opened one you need high pickup. Rest two can be opened manually for healthy intake. Spanners can be used.

    • Nope, it’s not true.

  • shahul

    the dumb looks contributed to the failure of aria and not the price nor tata brand

    • Shabbu

      I totally agree with you Shahul..

    • It was price and looks both. Did you know it was priced upwards of Rs. 18 lakhs for the top model.

  • S Pani

    The Aria now is pretty much as good as it gets. Its a much better MUV than the Innova, and is now priced competitively with it. And its also an alternative to the XUV for people like me who are pretty much repulsed by the looks of the Mahindra.

    But I still think there is one small change that needs to be made. I think Tata should have given us a Pride 4×2. Most people would not have much use of a AWD system, so why pay the 50-70 grand for it.

    A Pride 4×2 at around 13.8Lakhs ex-showroom would make the Innove VX/ZX look ridiculously expensive in comparison. This would seriously make private buyers of the Innova take a look at the Aria as an alternative. It would also help steal some customers of the XUV500 W8 FWD. Because right now, even if I hate the looks of the XUV, the FWD top end W8 makes for a huge value proposition compared to the Aria Pride 4×4. Because at the end of the day I have no practical use of the AWD system.

    Also in the marketing, to capture a bit of the Innova’s taxi market, Tata should also highlight the huge space advantage of the Aria. The luggage space of the Aria even with 7 seats is damn good. One taxi driver I know of who drives an Aria says the biggest advantage of the Aria for him is that at night, he can just fold the last 2 rows flat and comfortably go to sleep in the back of the Aria.

    • Toyota being expensive has nothing to do with the Aria because an Innova buyer only wants an Innova, best for Tata to not have people compare their car with the Innova.

    • S Pani

      I dont think all Innova buyers wont even dream of an Aria. I agree most, may be 90%, wont come over to the Aria.

      But Tata should entice the Innova customer anyway. Right now at the top end, it just undercuts the Innova, though is much more feature rich. By having a Pride 4×2, it would be significantly cheaper and significantly more feature rich. If nothing else, if it gets 10 people into a Tata showroom and on a test drive of the Aria, may be 1 or 2 will take the Aria simply because other than reliability and Toyota brand the Innova has nothing to offer, while Innova is now the quintessential taxi which the Aria is not.

      In fact even I would have looked at the Innova, though now I dont because now its as ugly as the XUV, but has no features and is pricey. For me the Innova went from an unoffensive and reliable car, to an ugly and pricey one. At least the XUV is feature rich and VFM, though ugly.

    • Innova has always been an ugly looker, people are really buying it because of Toyota quality and reliability.

    • S Pani

      I dont think the Innova could ever have been called an ugly car, till the recent changes to the front grille. You could say there was nothing exciting about the design, that it was a boring design, but definitely not ugly.

      But while it was boring, Innova’s boring design meant it’s design did not put off anybody. Its a design where everybody would say its OK, and nobody would say its good leave alone great.

    • When it came initially, no one called it ugly as it replaced the very ugly Qualis. However the Innova like most Toyotas is very bland a design.

    • Siddhartha

      Faisal check the tata aria website it has a specific comparison section and they have compared it with innova .

    • When Tata first launched the Aria, they were comparing it with the CR-V.

    • Vidurar

      Not really!!!

  • Raj sardana

    I think Tata Aria should come with Autumataic gears. As future is with automatic gears only and they shoull improve after sale service. I m owning Tata Manza and m frustrated with brake system I got changed even all system by the company but still I am not satisfied I complained to the company but no use.

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