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Yamaha FZ Version 2

Yamaha as a brand has always been known for making performance motorcycles. However, the market majority or let’s say the mass market wants efficient motorcycles. Yamaha as always was keen on tapping into the volume segment and has finally come up with a decision. Yamaha had an internal slogan called “Performance”, now it is “Performance with Mileage”. Mileage is usually a word used world wide for counting kilometres. Frankly, sarcasm cannot be expected from companies and there is none in this case. Yamaha may have just found a new way to tap the Indian consumers and connect with them in a more friendlier way.

The point is that the fuel injection story on Yamaha bikes began at MotorBeam itself. We told you that the new FZ is about to get fuel injection and this report pretty much confirms it. Yamaha may be working with technology king Bosch to develop a low cost fuel injection system for the FZ and upcoming commuter motorcycle and scooters as well. This news cannot get more awesome. More power, less fuel being consumed and much more cleaner air is something highly rated in everybody’s books. Buzz is that the FZ will lose significant amount of weight as well.

Yamaha seems to be taking Euro IV emission rule quite seriously. Reason? Yamaha was the one who was lacking behind. Bajaj bikes have always met emission norms and Honda with their CBR engines at least never skip on fuel and emission saving technologies. For example, the CBR150R always had oxygen sensors and met emission rules easily while the R15 recently got a strong update for the same reason. Suzuki has SEP after watching Honda come up with HET. As always Suzuki is the last of the Japanese to do so. After looking at all this, TVS may bring back the fuel injection system in the Apache twins which are also set to get a major upgrade in the near future. A 250cc model is set to launch by the end of this year.

Expect the 2015 Yamaha FZ to definitely come with fuel injection with a launch set for this festive season. More power and more mileage are two key aspects that were the need of FZ enthusiasts in the country. The chassis on the FZ can finally be explored. A cost upgrade of Rs. 8-12,000/- is also expected. One step to many solution seems what Yamaha is doing. That finally makes us shout out loud, Yes Yamaha!

Yamaha FZ Version 2

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  • kp

    what 8000 rs more for 150 cc air cooled engine lol this price make fz,fzs&fazer close to pulsar 200NS suicidal man

    • Dibyanjan

      Do u know why ns is cheap?lack of fi.ask any ns owner about starting prblm & they agree that fI is really important.good job yamaha.

    • kp

      and with Fi how much 200ns will cost xtra 8k thts all and still the price is below r15 and cbr 150r

    • Sam

      Dude don’t compare Pulsar 200ns with the R15!!! Though i love 200ns as a bike enthusiast!!! as it is the best bike of the bajaj in performance and styling. But, that doesn’t mean you can compare r15 and 200ns. I know 200ns has value for money but i think you know it is not reliable as the yamaha r15(though it is reliable than older generation pulsar and pulsar 135 engine) also the quality and the fit and finish of the bike!!!! It’s like comparing Apple Mac book pro with dell laptops or I-phone with motorola.

    • kp

      bhai why to deviate frm main topic fz,fzs,fazer already costly with tht fi unit on them make it closer 200ns price & in india becoz of price we compare cbr 250r with duke 390

    • Mohit Soni

      True KP, Japanese products will be on the higher side despite the competition is miles ahead in terms of value

  • Arun

    When will this hit the market ?

  • Farhan

    I don’t think it will make any significant change for Yamaha, those who like Yamahas don’t generally bothered about the mileage. Only difference might come in a way of more linear output and easy cold start-up.

  • yasar
  • Naushad

    Yamaha brand USP is performance. Better hold that hill tight rather than trying to conquer some one’s. Yamaha might not have forgotten the transition from RX 100 to YBX and the subsequent disaster.

    • kp

      yamaha loved for its performance segment bikes all over world and the word used to describe its R1,R6 is maverick but due to Hmsi sucess in commuter segment forced concentrate on volumes!

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