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Mohit Soni

Bienville Legacy, A Motorcycle That Is Unique In Odd Way

Bienville Legacy is a motorcycle that you can’t probably imagine in your wildest dreams If there are some odd looking motorcycles out there then the Bienville Legacy here is the oddest of the odd. Made by designer who used to work with Confederate, the designer’s own motorcycle design has finally seen the daylight and it […]

Fiat Plans To Manufacture Jeep In India By 2016

Fiat takes Make in India plan seriously and brings Chrysler along with them to make their luxury SUV in India. The Make in India campaign that was started by our Prime Minster is seriously being considered all around the nation and globally as well. Something which is making manufacturers stand up and take notice. Honda […]

Nissan Micra Rio 2016 Edition Unveiled, Won’t Be Produced

Nissan comes up with a limited edition car for Rio Olympics which it sponsors. It has no plans of production for this model though. Nissan with its Micra surely goes places as it is one of the most famous models around the world in the hatchback segment like how the GTR is in the supercar […]

Maruti Suzuki Using Railways To Send Cars Quicker

Maruti turns to railway network to finish its back orders and deliver products on time to its customer who tend to run away after seeing long waiting periods. In a different approach this time, Maruti has started shipping its car via the railway network instead of the usual road network. This move is because the […]

The Road Ahead For Mahindra Puegeot Alliance

Confirmed on the deal, Mahindra now has pumped a lot of money into Peugeot as it sets to revive the foreign company and restart its own scooter business as well It is done and confirmed now. Mahindra has 51 percent of controlling stake in Peugeot Scooter company and has signed an agreement saying that they […]

Honda Goldwing 40th Anniversary Edition Announced

The 2015 Honda Goldwing is here to clear sales before the new model arrives within the next two years. Although showcased in India at the Auto Expo, Honda has no plans to launch it in the domestic market. The 2015 Honda Goldwing has been announced by Honda and this time it’s the 40th Anniversary Edition. […]

Hero HX250R Showcased In The US Along With EBR Motorcycles

The Hero HX250R is now a confirmed global quarter litre motorcycle for Hero that has been showcased in the US and is planned to be showcased in Europe as well The quarter-litre segment is becoming important around the world now. With 250cc being converted into 300cc and latter kept aside for other reasons, the market […]

Harley-Davidson and customizing are two things which go hand in hand and this time Rajputana Customs is back to make the Street 750 even more appealing to cruiser enthusiasts After showcasing the Street Custom Concepts Bikes earlier this year at Auto Expo 2014 and India Bike Week 2014, Harley-Davidson India has come back with yet […]

Husqvrana brand is about to get revived at the EICMA show this coming November as KTM gets ready for phase two After merger with Bajaj, KTM is on a roll. When KTM’s CEO Stefan Pierer bought the Husqvarna through his own company from BMW there have been talks about how to make Husqvarna stand on […]

Top 10 Selling 2-Wheelers In India In September 2014

The market sentiment seems positive as most of the manufacturers should be satisfied with the huge sales only in the month of September Festive season is here and this is the time when you and me go out to buy our new vehicles. Since our market is inclined towards two-wheelers and there is always a […]