Harley Davidson

Harley DavidsonHarley-Davidson was founded in 1903 in America. The company produces cruiser motorcycles which have a cult following worldwide. Harley-Davidson is a very strong brand and is betting big on emerging markets like India. Harley-Davidson entered the Indian market in 2010 offering products via the CBU route initially. However Harley-Davidson was quick to realize market demand for their motorcycles and started locally assembling a few bikes, which have got them very good market share. Currently Harley-Davidson is the leader in the premium motorcycle segment in India and its product range in the country starts with the SuperLow. Harley-Davidson has 12 motorcycles on sale in India, priced between Rs. 5.71 lakhs to Rs. 32 lakhs.

Harley-Davidson Project Livewire Comes To Asia

Project Livewire is Harley-Davidson’s first and one-off electric motorcycle prototype. The company is likely to produce it in the future. In 2014, Harley-Davidson revealed Project Livewire – the first Harley-Davidson electric motorcycle. Keeping in line with the company’s customer-led product development approach, select customers were invited in America to ride and provide feedback on the bike, helping to […]

Harley-Davidson Doesn’t Want To Compete With Royal Enfield

Royal Enfield sold around 3 lakh motorcycles last year while Harley-Davidson sold 2,67,999 units during the same period. Since both offer cruisers, they are often compared. A cold war brewing between auto companies, manufacturers compete to gain the numero uno position posting best results and higher sales figures than the rest every year. In the […]

Gujarat Police To Add 5 Superbikes To Its Fleet

The Gujarat police plans to procure 5 superbikes in order to carry out various tasks including VIP protection as well as security of citizens. Last week, we brought you images of the Harley-Davidson Street 750 and SuperLow cruisers showing up in official livery for the Gujarat police. While we know it was no special supercop […]

Harley-Davidson Recalls 19,000 Dyna & Softail Bikes Over Faulty Brakes

The threads of the banjo bolt in the front brake are likely to corrode on the affected Harley models that could cause loss in brake fluid and would leave the front brakes useless resulting in a crash. In a statement issued by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), Harley-Davidson has recalled 19,105 units of […]

Harley-Davidson Launches CVO Limited, Breakout, Street Glide Special

The CVO Limited is the flagship Harley-Davidson bike sold in the country and is being brought in via the Completely Built Unit (CBU) route, while the Breakout softail is positioned above the Fat Boy and will be locally assembled. Expanding its product portfolio in the country, Harley-Davidson has launched the new flagship CVO Limited, Street Glide […]

Harley To Launch CVO Limited, Breakout Cruisers On 30th October

Adding to its Indian lineup, the Harley-Davidson CVO Limited will be brought in as a CBU in the country, while the Breakout is expected to be locally assembled. Doing extremely well in the country, Harley-Davidson is all set to expand its lineup further with the launch of two new motorcycles that will be making in-roads […]

Harley-Davidson Recalls 66,000 Units Of Touring Bikes

Recall is the mantra of the year 2014. Right from American giant GM to Japanese biggies such as Toyota, who keep on doing it. Quality control has definitely gone for a toss or probably companies have gone more honest by admitting to problems in their vehicles and take due care to rectify it. Still, it […]

Corporate world jigs are very common and are in the news all the time when it comes to multinational companies. However, when it comes to the customer, they make sure that it does not affect them. This time it has been done by an American company called Harley-Davidson. The story comes from their home ground […]

Harley-Davidson is known for the best gasoline powered engines for their cruiser range, right from 500cc to 1700cc of capacity. The cult and fan following is massive throughout the world and despite shortcomings people just adore the brand with their eyes closed. Harley took a new step by making liquid-cooled engines for the new Street […]

Harley-Davidson USA Launches Dyna Low Rider, SuperLow 1200T

While the launch of the Street 750 is making waves for Harley-Davidson in India, the Milwaukee based motorcycle manufacturer has launched the 2014 Dyna Low Rider and the SuperLow 1200T in its home market in the USA. Both the models will be available in the US from mid-2014 onwards. The first cruiser to be launched […]