Nissan Terrano

Nissan TerranoNissan Terrano is a compact sports utility vehicle (SUV) manufactured by Nissan since 2013 for the Indian market. The Nissan Terrano is a badge engineered Renault Duster with Nissan design language and spruced up interiors. Powering the Nissan Terrano is a 1.5-litre diesel engine with two states of tune – 108 BHP/ 248 Nm and 84 BHP/200 Nm and one 1.6-litre petrol engine producing 100 BHP of power with 145 Nm of torque. The Nissan Terrano returns a claimed fuel efficiency of 20.45 km/l. In terms of styling, the Nissan Terrano looks contemporary and fresh. The Nissan Terrano is available in India with a starting price of Rs. 9.47 lakhs.

Nissan Launches Terrano Groove Limited Edition

Nissan has introduced a limited edition of the Terrano SUV called the Groove Edition. It comes with a few accessories and production will be limited to just 250 units. In a bid to increase the dwindling sales of the most popular product in the lineup, Nissan has introduced a limited edition of the Terrano SUV. […]

Nissan Terrano Long Term Review – Final Report

Car Tested: Nissan Terrano 85 PS Kms Done: 11,871 kms Test Started at: 24,102 kms Test Concluded at: 35,973 kms Mileage: 16 km/l, 17.80 km/l (best), 13.68 km/l (worst) Fuel Consumed: 723 litres Fuel Cost: Rs. 36,368/- Rs. per km: Rs. 3.06/- The vogue is to arrive in style and the Terrano does that with […]

Nissan Terrano Long Term Review – Initial Report

The refined styling, potent engine and excellent suspension makes the Nissan Terrano a desirable SUV for our roads The SUV segment is booming in India and there’s no doubt about that but at the affordable end of this segment, there is a big confusion for buyers. There are the big brute Mahindra brothers on offer […]

Nissan Terrano First Anniversary Drive – Amritsar To Palampur

Experiencing the Terrano through North India reminds us why it is such a practical car India is a big market for cars but a majority of volumes come from small cars, namely hatchbacks as they are the entry-level offerings for most car makers. Defying the norm is Nissan whose top-selling car in India is the […]

Nissan To Launch Terrano AWD In Early 2015

The AWD system will be the same unit found on the recently launched Renault Duster and the Terrano will also come with a few new features inside the cabin. After Renault updated the Duster with the much awaited All-Wheel Drive (AWD) system, it was only awaited to make its presence on sibling Nissan Terrano anytime […]

Nissan Terrano Anniversary Edition Launched, Priced From Rs. 12.83 Lakhs

The Nissan Terrano Anniversary Edition gets a new heads up display system, reverse parking sensors, driver seat height adjustment among several other notable features. In what is fondly termed as a better looking Renault Duster, Nissan India has launched the Terrano Anniversary Edition on its website to celebrate the SUV’s first year of sales in […]

Nissan Terrano Automatic Spied In Russia, India Launch In 2014

Nissan Russia will be launching the Terrano SUV (based on the Renault Duster) in Russia this year. The spy shots carried by Terrano Club showed the test vehicles of the Terrano at the company’s Avtoframos manufacturing plant in the country, where the Duster is also produced. The images show the Terrano test vehicles parked in […]

Renault Duster vs Nissan Terrano – Shootout

Shootout – Renault Duster vs Nissan Terrano Price OTR Mumbai : Rs. 9.04-14.14 lakhs (Renault Duster), Rs. 11.67-15.13 lakhs (Nissan Terrano) Both the SUVs are identical in terms of mechanicals but are visually different. We all are aware about the badge engineering strategy Renault-Nissan alliance has taken for the Indian market to churn out significant volumes. […]

Ford EcoSport vs Nissan Terrano vs Renault Duster – Shootout

Shootout – Ford EcoSport vs Nissan Terrano vs Renault Duster Price OTR Mumbai: Rs. 6.93-11.34 lakhs (Ford EcoSport), Rs. 11.68-15.13 lakhs (Nissan Terrano), Rs. 9.05-14.15 lakhs (Renault Duster) Compact SUVs are definitely the flavour of the season, thanks to the practicality they offer. A couple of years ago the concept of a compact SUV wasn’t […]

Nissan Terrano Launched In India, Priced From Rs. 9.59 Lakhs

Nissan has launched the Terrano in India which is a re-badged version of the popular Renault Duster. The Terrano comes at a good time for Nissan as the company isn’t doing that well in sales lately. Although a Duster underneath, Nissan designers have worked extensively to give the Terrano an identity of its own. The […]