The Pune traffic police registered a false case against two riders solely based on the story provided by the traffic constable without recording the statement of the accused.

Traffic Police Harassment Pune Kalyani Potekar
The riders were made to sit for 7 hours at the police station & subjected to profanity

In an extremely nerve-racking incident, two Pune based riders Sahil and Kalyani were allegedly subjected to seven hours of harassment at the police station, not to forget the profanity and torture by the on-duty traffic police officer Mr. Kishore Shankar Shinde after he falsely charged them of breaking traffic rules in a bid to extract a bribe.

As Sahil and Kalyani described it in a Facebook post, the riders were travelling towards MG road in Pune taking a left towards SGS mall when the traffic police constable Mr. Shinde stopped Kalyani on the pretence of jumping the signal (even though it was orange at the time) and was quick to snatch the keys of her bike, which is an offence of the first order. For those who don’t know, the police CANNOT take your car/bike keys. Further, the two riders were then taken to the Bund Garden police station and a case under sections IPC 353, IPC 279 and IPC 34 was registered against them solely on the statement issued by the constable. Sahil and Kalyani were made to wait at the station for seven hours and later forcefully made to sign the case papers under pressure. They were let out on bail after paying Rs. 7500/- each and an additional Rs. 10,000/- that was unaccounted for (guess where that went).

Clearly both Sahil and Kalyani are responsible riders who know the importance of wearing riding gear and are the ones who observe rules of the road. But the traffic police does not think more responsibly of its job. This isn’t the first time a traffic official has been blamed for illicit behaviour. A quick Google search and you will get several videos of cops misbehaving or not observing traffic rules themselves (no helmet, seatbelts etc). For a couple of hundreds, how can you detain someone for seven hours without providing even a glass of water? Not to forget the additional Rs. 25,000/- that was allegedly paid for procuring bail.

Police brutalisation isn’t new in India, but it is high time we stop accepting things the way they are. This is also not the first time when riders have been tagged as thieves or irresponsible freak junkies and we have to stop accepting such harassment in the name of law and order. While the rules and government state otherwise, the fact of the matter is as an individual you have less control over the situation, but cumulatively an end can be brought to this exploitation. For now, Sahil and Kalyani will be approaching the Pune Police Commissioner with the issue under IPC 354 for touching a girl and using profane language. They will also be taking action against Senior Inspector Mr. Bahadarpure who registered the FIR despite there being no statements of the two accused.

You can read the entire ordeal in the Facebook post HERE.

Traffic Police Harassment Pune Sahil
The riders now seek help from the Pune Police Commissioner hoping to get justice