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2009 Bajaj Pulsar 180 UG IV Review

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BikeIndia got their hands on the upgraded Pulsar 180 UG IV and have done a review of the upgraded Pulsar 180. Checkout the review below : –

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the Pulsar twins were responsible for changing the face of motorcycling in India. And I am not just talking from the performance point of view, but also the affordable ‘real’ biking that the Pulsar 150 took charge of. Its elder sibling, the good old classic 180, took care of enthusiasts who wanted raw power and macho looks at an affordable price. The 150, in the meantime, served the masses with performance that stood out in its segment and yet delivered exceptional fuel economy that is ever so important in the Indian motorcycling industry.


From time to time, Bajaj fought the competition hard, kicking out regular upgrades – alloy wheels, refreshed looks, modern engine technology and finally increased engine capacity. They are probably the best in business when it comes to spreading the biking spirit through advertisements – the ‘Pulsar Mania’ commercial being the best till date! The way they promote their bikes is in a different league all together.


All this it seems hasn’t been enough because with the launch of the Yamaha FZ16 last year, sales of the Pulsar 150 and the Pulsar 180 have taken a hit. For instance, in September 2008, combined sales of the Pulsar twins stood at 19,112 units. Within a month, with the FZ16 around, sales dropped 17.3% to 15,804 units. A month later, in November, volumes further decreased to 13,698 units – a drop of 28.3% as compared to September 2008 sales. Yes, these figures made it clear that Bajaj had to pull up their socks and come out with something more than just visual upgrades to get back the customers they made for the Pulsar twins.


Enter the 2009 Pulsar 180 UG IV (Fourth Upgrade). While rumours had it that Bajaj were ready with the updated 200 and 220, the reality is that the company first wants to concentrate on numbers and repeat the glorious days of the success of the Pulsar 150 and 180. While the elder sibling gets more serious upgrades, let’s talk about the Pulsar 150 first. As Bajaj puts it, the 150 gets a sporty refurbishment. It gets an all-black theme taken from the 180 and the 200. It also borrows the tank scoops from the 200 and gets a new 3D Pulsar logo on the tank. Mechanicals remain unchanged, however, a full DC system is now employed for the electricals. These are minor updates that go a long way in enhancing the sporty character of the smallest member of the Pulsar family.


The major change, however, is seen on the 180. A first glance, you can easily mistake it for the 200. It carries over the older all-black colour theme and gets more oomph in the form of visual goodies from the 200 and the 220. Fatter tyres, a split seat, tank scoops, clip-on handlebars, a 3D logo for the tank and thicker forks from the Pulsar 220 make it even more visually appealing than the Pulsar 200. The only thing that remains visually unchanged as compared to the older 180 is its exhaust, although, look closely and you can see the revised angle in order to give the bike a more sportier look. But these goodies also add another 4 kilos to the overall weight.


So, does that mean that the extra rolling resistance from the wider tyres and the additional weight hamper the bike’s performance? Hell no, because the engine gets more punch as well. The 178.6cc engine started its life in the classic 180 as a mere 14.9PS unit. Over the years, changes to the engine and other tweaks have seen the power rise to 17PS for the latest UG IV model. Yes, Bajaj engineers have worked on the exhaust intake, retuned the silencer as well as tweaked the valve timing to get more juice out of the unit. The maximum power comes at an additional 500rpm, i.e., at 8500rpm. At this point, most of you readers might doubt the high revving engine, but let me add that much work has also gone into making the engine smooth and feel less strained at high revs.


Gone are the characteristic Pulsar vibes when the throttle was wringed. In fact, when we got the delivery of the bike, the engine was brand new, having done just a hundred kilometers on the odo. However, the motor felt very refined and eager to spin hard. And that’s what we did, albeit after riding the bike for a couple of hundred kilometers and then logging in our test equipment. Naught to 60km/h came up in (surprisingly) under five seconds – that’s faster than most other Indian bikes today! Yes, the bike runs on wider and taller tyres, but re-sprocketing has been done to compensate for that. From the original 13/43 set up, the Pulsar 180 has moved to a 14/39 set up. Gun the throttle and the digital speedometer goes beyond the 100km/h mark slightly quicker than the older 180, slowing inching towards the magical 120km/h figure. Blame it on different test conditions; the maximum Adhish got from the bike was a true 114.5km/h with the speedometer showing 125km/h, however on a downhill stretch, it registered more than 130km/h! Shifting up the five-speed ‘box (now with a toe only shifter) is a fuss-free affair as the clutch has undergone further refinement.


But the new Pulsar 180 is not all about improving on performance. It gets a whole new character as well. Swing a leg over it and the new clip-ons, taken from the Pulsar 220, lend the new bike a sportier stance. Changes to the running parts have given a big bike feel, which is evident within a few seconds of riding. Wider front forks and tyres, taken from the Pulsar 220, completely change the riding character of this bike.


While the UG III bike was always eager to be flicked into corners, it also felt nervous when pushed really hard. This bike, however, feels confident as you lean it till the main stand acts as a spoilsport and starts digging in. Plus, the new Pulsar 180 feels more stable at high speeds and over broken roads – the change in the suspension (and switching to the Pulsar 200’s swingarm) makes the whole difference. Bumps and undulations are taken care of, however over long rides, you do miss the soft saddle of the earlier variant. Talking of long rides, the engine no more feels strained at around the 85-90km/h mark. In fact, the motor’s smooth character ensures vibrations are kept at bay and I for one wouldn’t mind riding this bike for an intra-city run across states. An increase in wheelbase is also largely responsible for the stable feel at triple digits speeds.


In the city, the Pulsar 180 loses out a bit to the old variant on flickability, closing in on gaps and making the most of a tight space. At first, the front does feel a bit heavy but you get used it immediately. The maximum torque has gone down by a Newton meter, but Bajaj boffins claim that the drop in torque is hardly noticeable. The bike still pulls cleanly from low revs – slotted in fifth with the speedometer showing 29km/h, it pulled without a protest from just 2000rpm. Going by the way the bike was popping wheelies (which needs torque rather than power) with Adhish on board, we do believe them.


Bajaj has moved the game ahead by shifting the electricals to a full DC system. The kick lever has also been junked and going by my previous experience with the long term Pulsar 220, which never had electric start issues even after being unused for weeks, this change is more than welcome. The new Pulsar 180 goes on sale very soon while the new 150 is already in the showrooms. The prices for the 150 will remain largely unchanged, but there will be a hike of around rupees three grand for the 180. That still makes it more than six thousand less than the elder 200.


So, is this a good move is the question we at Bike India have been asked umpteen times already by readers? The same question is also the centre of heated debates across biking forums. The answer is definitely yes. For those who always wanted the big bike feel and sporty looks of the 200 without paying so much now have the option of settling for the new 180 without compromising on performance. Needless to say, the smaller 180 engine also returns impressive fuel economy which is again important for youngsters with limited pocket money. Even for those who think that the new 180 looks like the 200, and hence the latter loses out on exclusivity, need to wait and check out the 2009 Pulsar 200 once it’s out.


To sum up, the fourth upgrade of the Pulsar 180 turns out to be the best yet – making the bike grow up with a matured feel. Even the choppy nature of the limiter on the earlier bike has been softened up. The exciting era of Pulsars is all set to be back, starting with these two models and that is exactly what Bajaj’s updated website ( reflects.

2009 Bajaj Pulsar 180 Road Test Video : –

[youtube: 425 344]

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  • Anvesh

    But i think Yamaha FZ16 and FZS are better bike than these 2 bikes…

  • fas

    Anvesh, but these bikes are faster.

  • Srivatsav

    Well fas is ryte !! see guys i dont own any of these bikes … but i have test driven both these bikes !! i would say pulsar 180 all the way compared to any bike in that segment or lesser than that !! it has everytn …. VALUE for money !!!! its cheaper n faster … morova the performance !!! well see guys u might own fzs !! dat doesnt mean ur bikes are the best :) u gotta b fair !! Jus admire it guys ! cheers !

  • Vru

    First time when I rode pulsar 180, i was bowled over by it’s precise controls and ballistic midrange. Glad to know that it just got better.. hope to own one soon!!!

  • Sarang

    Is p150 available in showrooms

  • fas

    Sarang, not yet but its a display at some showrooms in Pune.

  • Srivaatsav

    Hey fas … pulsar 150 and 180…. is available across all the bajaj showrooms ! i can see them everywhere… and already they bookings are open !

  • fas

    Srivaatsav, the bikes are not officially launched yet.

  • Anurag


    the new 150 is live&kickin at kolkata, the new 180 hasnt come yet, found out from the new dealer (osl auto) that it may come in june 2nd week.
    if u ppl hv any news for kolkata release of 180 do let me know.

  • Srivatsav

    Then how come the bookings are open ?

  • fas

    Srivatsav, I am quite surprised about the same.

  • Arun

    hay fas, i will be very thankful if you let me know what is the milage of this upgarge version of twins. thanks

  • fas

    Arun, the P180 will give around 45kmpl, and the P150 will give around 50kmpl.

  • Raghavan

    hi guys I have Pulsar 180 2008 model. I never suggest to purchase this bike as it has several problem like starting, power loss, engine vibration at 8000 rpm and too much noise.

  • AruN

    hi fas does these bikes have problems like raghavan mentioned…vibration too much noise.. plz let me know. n if i wana buy a new bikes which one will have better profomance p180 or fzs. n also plz let me know about the price of these. thanks a lot for your help

  • fas

    Arun, yes Bajaj bikes do have problems. Quality is not consistent and Bajaj need to improve refinement alot.

  • Raghavan

    I think if any auy want to buy in the 150 – 180 cc model then I suggest FZ and Hunk by point of engineering.

  • deepak

    hi i want to buy bajaj pulsar 180cc upgraded one wat u ppl suggest is ther ne bttr bike in this segment or shud i go for it ?

  • fas

    Deepak, if you can wait, then the Apache 180 will be launched in a weeks time and will be better then the Pulsar 180.

  • Vini

    This bike is very KUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRAAAAAA!!!!! In english…this bike is very fake

  • Vru

    Fas.. how do you know that Apache 180 is better than P180?? have you been riding it for past three years testing it around??

  • fas

    Vru, OD got to drive the Apache 180 and they say its better than the Pulsar 180. On paper too, it has more power and looks better. Knowing how good the TVS Apache RTR 160 is, the 180 will surely be better and faster too.

  • Sanjeev

    I took a test Drive of 180 UG3 last friday, Everything is awesome except the turning radius.

  • vishal

    the new model is very impressive

  • acidangelster

    Pretty sure my done up rx s gonna kill this baby too!!!

    Just kidding.Unknown to my “two stroke” friends,I ve had a massive crush on the 180 since the time it received mag wheels (with the launch of the ug2 if I m not wrong).This visually appealing upgrade is a welcome and it sure does look deliciously appealing.

    Still praying for more power though.The day a pulsar crosses the 150kmph(true) mark,my soul will rest in peace.

  • Pulsar 150 ug3 best

    Dont go for new models please wait and take its reviews and take decision

  • Rubal

    But the ex showroom price of pulsar 180 in punjab is 63520 as i was told

  • fas

    Rubal, can you re-confirm that. I checked the prices on Bajaj’s website.

  • Mihir

    i do have 180 gu4
    there is only 1 thng 2 say abt this bike
    its a true value 4r money
    and can beat ant indian bike
    can bet on tht

  • splitfire

    these ****** guys copied the tvs apache rtr 160 handle bar!! anyways this bike sucks big time!! peice of shit!! i swear i smoked 4 180 pulsars with my apache 160 on track this bike sucks man!! hopeless theres nothing to beet the tvs apache!!

    ohhh one more thing ,the new tvs apache rtr 180 is out!! bajaj is gona **** in there pants when they see it on the road!! give us ur best shot!! theres nothin to beet a tvs apache!!

    c ya

  • Kumar

    Hi fas,i m a regular viewer of ur review & mad abt the pulsar 180.can u plz tel me tht wht is the on road price of new 180 in patna,bihar.plz

  • fas

    Kumar, the price of the Pulsar 180 is around 68k in Bihar.

  • Kumar

    Thnks 4 replying,can u plz tell the milage given by it.u tested its milage or just saying the words of bajaj.plz tell the real one

  • fas

    Kumarm the Pulsar 180 will give you around 45kmpl. I am not telling you what Bajaj says, but what you can expect.

  • AMAN

    hi…every body guys i wanna buy this new pulsar bike, plz suggest me which one to go for pulsar180 or pulsar 200,in mumbai also tell me the on road price for both of them.

    also tell me the mileage of both the bikes in city and highway

  • fas

    Aman, I would pick the P200 over the P180 and would advice you to do the same.

    The OTR price of the P180 is 68k and the P200 is 77k. Mileage is around 40kmpl for the P200 and 45kmpl for the P180. Expect 5kmpl more on the highways.

  • AMAN

    thanks for replying bro….as i checked in andheri P180 is costing me 73k on road

  • fas

    Aman, OTR Andheri is more but how come 73k? You getting accessories with it.

  • aman

    no i am not getting any any accesories with it…….also they say that mileage for p180 is not more than 40 km/l and p200 is some wher bet’n 30-35 km/l.

  • fas

    Aman, that is too less mileage. I have not heard such figures from anyone. Maybe the updated versions are less on mileage?

  • Ashish

    Which one should i take – Pulsar 180cc 2009 or Apache 180RTR 2009?And please tell me the correct on road prices of these bikes as soon as possible.

  • fas

    Ashish, its said the Apache will be a better bike, however we will have to wait for its launch. You can read the review of the Apache 180 on the homepage. The price of the Pulsar 180 is 68k, the Apache is expected to cost 74k.

  • Ashish

    another thing Fas,wht do u think abt THE NEW yamaha FZS,do u hav any idea abt it and wht does it cost?

  • fas

    Ashish, checkout

    Basically its similar to the FZ16 with a few cosmetic changes.

  • vas

    fas… I think you have better exp. in these bikes,… I wanted to buy pulsar 180cc… and this is my first bike… please help me out ,,, what accessories I need to buy and what other changes can be made to this bike… initially ? and how to maintain it in future… to maintain its condition and mileage…. Please suggest

  • fas

    Vas, get the Pulsar 180. You don’t need to buy many accessories, just basic stuff like seat cover and stuff. Don’t need to make any changes initially. Once you have mastered riding the bike you might want more power and then you can think of filter, exhaust mods.

    Just follow the service interval and fill your bike with unadulterated fuel, keep it clean conditions and your bike will serve you well.

  • vas

    Thanks for the response fas… I took quotation for this bike in bangalore, hosur road and they gave price as 72,256 Rs for 180cc

  • fas

    Vas, the price is right. Bangalore taxes are among the highest in the country.



  • fas

    Hemant, I suggest you wait for a few days till Bajaj launch the new P200. The P200 is one of the best Pulsars, so that would be the one to buy. No kick does not mean any problem in starting. The self start is enough.

  • hemant

    thanx 4 ur reply…….bt wen pulsar 200 is launching….??n wat is on road price of new 200……and one more thing that pulsar new 15occ is gud or nt….in power



  • fas

    Hemant, Pulsar 200 is launching this month. New Pulsar 200 will cost Rs. 77,000/- OTR. The Pulsar 150 is a good bike but don’t expect it to burn the roads with the power it has. If your looking for power don’t go for the Pulsar 150. Instead get the 180, 200 or 220.

  • aman

    hi fas,

    do you have any idea when this new p 200 will be launching as i havent still decided on p180 0r p200,also what could the possible changes on the new pulsar 200. pls keep me informed.

  • fas

    Aman, the new P200 will be launched this month. Possible changes can be read here


    hi fas,

    yar if i buy the new pulsar 180cc….there could b no prob coz there is no kick in the bike…..n plz tel hw 2 care the bike….n the self also….

  • fas

    Hemant, no issues with lack of kick start. Just ensure regular checkups of the battery as per schedule.

  • roshin

    hi,plz give me an advice

    i wish 2 buy a chice is am bit confused
    wt i’ll chose new 180(2009version)or 200.which one getz better millege?
    plz help me…

  • fas

    Roshin, I would suggest you the P180, its the latest version and won’t be old stock.

  • roshin

    tnkz ur advice…..and onething,do u kw hwmh millege gt this new pulser 180??

  • fas

    Roshin, new Pulsar 180 will give you around 45kmpl.

  • Rahul

    I am to buy a bike. But hv nt been able to decide betwin 150 n 180. I’m a thin/avg built man.wont put much wt on bike.mostly will drive single in d city. n i wd luk first at driving comfort then lower maintance, then milaege .plz suggest better of these p150 or p180 ug4.thanx.

  • fas

    Rahul, looking at your requirements you should go with the Pulsar 150. It will give more mileage than the P180 and lower maintenance too.

  • Jen

    I bought pulsar 150 6 months ago n I am facing various kinds of problem with it like engine mobile disappeared within 15 days after the mobile was put in the engine so I am deciding to buy another bike . but p180 looks appealing. can anybody advice me about the engine performance of it?
    Since i love riding bike at min. speed of 80 km/h and i frequently go on long driving? Is this bike good for me?

  • fas

    Jen, all Pulsars do have a problem of engine refinement and quality. Since you like speed, you should get the Yamaha R15 or the TVS Apache 180.

  • sod

    fas, i need to choose a bike between new pulsar 180 and apache rtr 180.
    both are more or less equal in power but which one rides better???
    compare them on followin points
    1. pick up
    2. handling
    3. maintenance
    4. technology
    also if u could find delhi ex-showroom price of rtr 180.

  • fas

    Sod, both the bikes are very equally matched.

    1. Pick-Up – The Apache 180 is better
    2. Handling – The Apache 180 is better
    3. Maintenance – The Pulsar 180 is better but you won’t require that much maintenance in the Apache as much in the Pulsar
    4. Technology – Both are very equally matched

    Overall the Apache 180 is a better bet for those who want to go and not just show. The price of the Apache 180 is Rs. 63,990/- (ex-showroom, Delhi) right in Pulsar 180 territory.

  • Noufal

    Fas, my bthr is going 2 buy a new honda unicorn. But he is in doubt 4 choosing b/w black,red & silver. Which is more appealing…….??? Is any updation of unicorn in near future…….???
    Is dere any worth of waiting… Pls pls give ur suggesion…….

  • fas

    Noufal, Unicorn looks best in black. There might be a slight update to the Unicorn this year to keep it looking fresh. I would suggest to get the Suzuki GS150R if possible.

  • edd

    hey fas is there any chance of re launching pulsar 200 as it has already been discontinued….. i want to know about it as i find my heart fix on pulsar 200

  • fas

    Edd, the Pulsar 200 has been discontinued, its not going to be launched again. Try to get a 200 if a dealer has old stock lying with them.

  • Anil

    Hey fas ,please post onroad price of pulsar 180 and RTR 180 in Kerala.

  • what is the mileage of pulsar 180 UG 3 model ?????????????
    and how to ride it for maximum mileage

  • fas

    Anil, the OTR price of the Pulsar 180 and RTR 180 is around 68k and 79k respectively.

    Harsh the Pulsar 180 UG3 gives around 45kmpl. For best mileage shift at 3000RPM and don’t ride above 60kmph.

  • vishnu

    did any one experienced difference in new ug iv pulsar 180 dtsi… whether this
    bike is suitable for long ride

  • Roshan

    Pulsar 180 looks great. Can anybody tell me about its engine features since i am planning to buy this soon?

  • fas

    Roshan, the Pulsar 180 produces 17PS of power and uses DTSi technology. It does not have FI and the performance is decent.

  • Arif

    Hi frds, Do anyone know when bajaj will release pulsar 180cc upgraded blue color bike since it is very demand here…

  • chandan

    i m going to buy a bike which is better in all arround p180/150/rtr180
    and what is the millage of these

    • fas

      Chandan, of the bikes you have mentioned, the Pulsar 180 is better all round. Mileage of these bikes range from 40-50kmpl.

  • arif , bajaj has already released the blue color in 180 pulsar

  • chandan pulsar 180 is better than pulsar 150 , rtr 180 . the average of pulsar 180 is around 40 to 50 km/l

  • adi

    guys i just wanna know much more detail comparison of pulsar 180 and apache 180. i myself love pulsar but all over the reviews all are praising apache 180 is an awesome vehicle. but when i test ride the rtr 180 i didnt like it much as pulsar bcoz of vibration at handles, and many things. so am little bit confused which to buy… and am even looking forward to best mileage in these two ? i want replies in detail

  • vijay

    hi fas….
    p180\yamaha fazer which one is best & why?…….

  • fas

    Adi, it all depends on your preference. The Apache is more rider focused, whereas the Pulsar is more style, value and feature focused. Both bikes are awesome but the Apache feels little small for tall riders and the Pulsar feels little unrefined and rough. Get the Pulsar 180, it will suit you well, going by what you are looking at.

    Vijay, the Pulsar is better because it has more power :)

  • vijay , both bikes r fantastic . u should buy fazer

  • sam

    Hi Fas.

    BAJAJ 180 2009 edition is macho bike in all sense and i wana b a proud owner of it. Removing the kick start in bajaj 180 cc is a step towards advancement and a bold step in the Indian auto market.

    But is it really safe on indian terrain???????????

    In other countries where sports bike do not have kick start but they do hve powerfull battery that supports self start very well.

    Here we have 12V DC battery so I jus wana have an Honest reply from the Pulsar 180 cc holders ..about there experiences in starting the bike in varying climatic condition???????????

    • fas

      Sam, Bajaj has been using only electric start on the Pulsar 220 since a long time and there have not been any issues. The battery is maintenance free and you won’t face any issue. Get the bike, the future lies in getting rid of the kick and saving your knees.

  • vijay

    hi sam…
    nothing to worry about electric start, in old edition of p180 carries only 300 watts, but in 2009 edition it carries 600 watts its doubled…..& normally 600 watts are used in cars.

  • vijay

    hey sam….
    what about yamaha fazer?….
    do u have any idea,actually iam quite confused with pulsar 180 & fazer…
    if possible just guide me?….

  • vijay

    hi fas……
    what about yamaha fazer?….
    do u have any idea,actually iam quite confused with pulsar 180 & fazer…
    if possible just guide me?….

    • fas

      Vijay, the Fazer looks quite stunning and can be mistaken for a R15. The Pulsar has more power but the Fazer is overall better with fantastic quality and refinement. Yamaha will launch more variants of the Fazer in the near future with more powerful powerplants.

  • SAM

    Hi Vijay,

    Thanks for such a valuable comment regd the current watt used in P180 UG4. It is sucha relief to know that it has been used in cars also. and we all knw that Car doesnt have kick start :).

    But I feel P180 has more of beasty look n tech specifications than Yamaha Fazer. Unlease the beast Vijay go for P180.

  • arjun rajiv

    hai fas…

    i have idea of buying p180,but still iam searching for some other.
    what do u think about p180 & which bike would u prefer other than p180?….
    plz guide me?….

  • fas

    Arjun, the Pulsar 180 is an awesome bike and very VFM too. I would have bought it if I were you. If not the Pulsar than the Yamaha Fazer, which is another good bike and looks hot too.

  • Ganesh


    • fas

      Ganesh, I got your email. Have reverted back. Get the FZ16 if you want looks, quality and refinement. For performance, features and value for your money you should get the P180.

  • roshin

    hi…i wnt 2 kw smthing abt accessories for pulser 180,2009 version….

    this new version pulser head lamp hav constent light…itz very bad…can i improve itz headlamp power??

    • fas

      Roshin, you can improve the headlight power by upgrading the bulbs. Make sure you get a relay to avoid excessive load on the battery.

  • roshin

    tnkz 4ur which bulb i’ll b chose???

    • fas

      Roshin, check the original bulb and put a similar bulb of higher wattage. Ask the mechanic his views on the upgrade.

  • zeeshan

    what is the mileage of new pulsor 180

    • fas

      Zeeshan, the new Pulsar 180 gives a mileage of 45kmpl.

  • Hiren

    This Bike Is Super Fast Bike And Super Super Super Super Super

  • zeeshan, the average of new pular 180 cc ug $ model is 40 to 45km/l hai

  • rahul

    new p180 gives me a milleage of 55 km/l

  • Nitesh

    i have purchased new pulsar 180 just three days back i m getting problem while starting the bike it won’t get started within one start the electric starter needs to be pressed 5 – 6 times after that it gets started i want to know whether there is a battery problem or the battery gets discharged quickly

    • fas

      Nitesh, contact Bajaj service center asap, there seems to be some defect in the starter.

  • Jayadev M

    Bajaj is back to business again, this time with p180 ug4
    One liner…………….

    P200 discontinued, the trash stacked on p180 and called p180 ug4

    The p180 ug4 has the same chassis which put down the p200, with a slightly tilted swing-arm( to cover up the offset in the rear wheel)

    Pity guys, who go by looks ………..

    The p200 chassis was defective so is the p180 ug 4, both are running on same chassis……but with a tilted swing arm…
    Dono which tech theory are they applying to have this running.

  • mndv prasad

    ya its very nice to ride is very comfortable sitting on the bike

  • vijay

    hey its aweswome experience to ride it.. u wont be able to go slow even if u wish… then wat .. .. lets race!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I am from kolkata & purchase a 180 pulsar I fully enjoy his fast move at 85km/ph & milage it’s looking very quet…also Thank’s to bajaj to make it so simpale.

  • amit jain

    i want to purchase p180 but i have a dought some body told me that there is a problem with the engine of all pulsar’s that after a year or more engine use to give trouble means use to make a bad noice and all you have to go to workshop again and again
    please help me out from this dought so that i may purchase pulsar p180

    • fas

      Amit, there is no such thing that Pulsar engines are unreliable. They might not be the smoothest but they don’t suffer from engine trouble.

  • pansome

    hey fas, plzzz chk wat amit jain says is correct or not..?
    m planning to buy pulsar180 up iv….
    is it worth…aftr an year does it rellly…??
    or it depends upon one’s riding..??plzz reply…

    • fas

      Pansome, you can safely get a Pulsar. Nothing to panic, if you ride it and maintain it well, it won’t give problems.

  • pansome

    so sarcastic of u fas…
    i knw u hate bajaj…
    n i too..
    the thing is i have good height n a muscular body..keeping it in mind..
    apache or fz..doest go well with me..
    unicorn cbz n hunk..doesnt seem so attractive..
    i cant afford r15 or karizma…both in price as well as mileage…
    pulsar 150 looks too cheap…
    p180 gives power as well as mileage…wat say…looks too rockk..
    wat say fas…???

    • fas

      Sorry Pansome but I did not intend any sarcasm. The Pulsar is too common and not the most reliable machine around. Its better to settle for a Fazer then to have quality and niggling issues.

  • pansome

    looks wise its awesome fas…
    what mileage it gives..?
    is it competitive enough in 150cc category…
    power..?how is it on high speeds…?
    fas plzz advice me personally…
    this time whatever u’ll say,.. ill buy…

    • fas

      Pansome, Fazer is an awesome bike. Power is decent and high speed stability is better then Pulsars. I would say to test ride the Fazer before buying it to ensure it suits you.

  • pansome

    done…this time its final…
    hey fazer…welcome me to the yamaha family…
    thanks fas…
    so dats the reason u have kept ur name fas…
    btw, wat does fas mean..?

    • fas

      Pansome, fas is my pet name, LOL. Anyways congrats on your decision of the Fazer. The bike is one mean machine. Which colour are you getting it in?

  • pansome

    thanks man..
    btw, wats ur name..
    whr u from…?
    m from the biker’s city, pune…

    • fas

      Pansome, I am from Mumbai. My name is Faisal. Blue is a good choice. Make sure you maintain the bike well as Pune traffic is crazy.

  • pansome


  • A spectrum analyzer separates the signal into two components: amplitude (displayed vertically) and frequency (displayed horizontally). On some low-frequency analyzers, phase information can also be displayed. Low-frequency analyzers are sometimes grouped under the heading “harmonic analyzers,” although this term is becoming less common.

  • sanjay

    I have recently bought Pulsar 180 UG IV. From about 500 Kms I have been facing the problem with carburettor(as per the service center).The bike stops when I slow down and hold the clutch.
    Is this problem common in Pulsar 180 or have I got a defective one.

    • fas

      Sanjay, all Pulsars have some problem or the other so don’t worry just get it repaired.

  • Sanjayu…….u got a defective one piece or there is any problem in its carburettor

  • hi”’guys i want to buy new pulsar 180cc can any tell me how much the price on road ….

    • fas

      Freetap – Rs. 68,000/-

  • Hi, Guys i just want to know about the services iam in DUBAi iam coming to india for a short vacation and after that nobody’s going to drive my machine 180 cc how can i manage the servicing is there any ways to pospond the seriving after 2 year can we complete the quota of servicing please let me know ,,if some knows please tell me iam waiting for u r responce

    • fas

      Freetap, you can’t postpone the free services.

  • Kiran

    Mr Fas, I have been viewing your review replies in many forums like this one. It’s very clearly visible to us that, u just don’t have any good or positive thing to say about Bajaj Pulsar, always a negative reply.
    And almost in your every reply to anyone asking about a problem in Pulsar, you keep saying “its a common problem with Pulsar or its a known issue with Pulsar…blahhh….blahh….”
    Well, it doesn’t look nice to me being a reader and you being answering to all the queries asked by the readers. If you can’t clearly explain about what the actual problem is and what are you trying to compare it with, then please, just don’t reply or just say you don’t know. But pleae don’t lie…… :)
    I hope you really understand what I’m trying to say here to you and don’t take my words too personal…….

  • fas

    Kiran, I dont work for any bike company nor do I own any bike yet (sold off my Pulsar 150 UGIII soemtime back). I am clearly not against the Bajaj brand. What is the truth, is! I cant change it. I never hesitate to recommend a Pulsar 220 but I think its rather silly of not telling them what to expect. I know people who own Pulsars, Apaches, GS150s, FZs, R115s, etc and hence I am quite aware how the bikes behave in the long term. A Pulsar is a sweet machine till 10,000kms but after that everything starts going haywire.

    Some problems with the Pulsars : –

    Poor engine refinement
    Engine starter stops working
    Gear shift fee;s heavy and clunky
    Rear disc acts funny
    Inconsistent quality

    Infact every Pulsar has some problem or the other and maybe Bajaj tries to price the Pulsar very aggressively there is a compromise on quality.

    And please go about reading my old comments and posts in which I have cleared listed the positives of the bike like mileage (150), performance (180), looks, features, projector headlights, performance and value for money.

    Nothing personal buddy but if a problem exists I cant hide it :)

  • pansome

    his explanation on it tells all…
    no offense fas..
    as i know mb is the 1st one to give all the updates…
    however, u shud chk out the new generation pulsars once again.

    • fas

      Mr. Pansome, I have checked out the new generation Pulsars as well. Last one I checked out was the Pulsar 220S and just before that the Pulsar 220F. Though the bike is very good some niggling issues keep coming up. I am not writing off Pulsars or saying they are bad but they have some reliability issues so you should accept it too. Or maybe you should experience the a few bikes yourself before commenting.

  • rohith

    hi pansome,
    did u buy fazer hz d bike??

  • pansome

    @ rohith..yes…bought it..lekin, its just a show piece…
    just looks..n nothing else…mileage is 38 after 1st servicing…
    m regretting of buying it…
    pick up is pathetic…sorry to say but my buddy’s p135 beats it in short run..dats y fas i said..bajaj is working hard on its machines…
    talking abt the reliabality i have many friends who have p150 round light as well as pulsar upII, and let me tell u abt these friends…who crash these bikes somewhere within a quarter..who have no time and money fr servicing, one bike faces a riding of at least 5 people…some of them are professional stunt men…still they get a mileage of 45…
    Yamaha isn’t a bike customized fr Indian needs…
    the only good thing abt ma bike is that it is an eye candy…
    m waiting fr p220 4valve…then may be ill gift my fazer to my younger bro..

  • rohith

    thanks pansome,
    im frm hyderabad and fazer costs around 80k on road
    after u said its just a show piece i too feel its a big amount for a 150cc bike..
    but fas is also saying pulsar has prblems after 10,000kms
    so which to buy cbz or p180 or fazer my dad had already given me money a week ago but i did not decide which to get..can u guys help me
    i want pick up,40 mileage dats enough for me
    u said fazer is waste just only looks,,,
    pulsars r common 150 not 180
    cbz is a reliable machinf rm HH
    so finally which bike???????????????

    • fas

      Rohith, get the Apache 180. That is a bike which is worth the money.

  • Ajay

    @ Rohith , Fas and all others…..Hi guys….i’ve decided to buy a P180 (After 2 months research and dilemmas),
    Believe me Rohith, if “Bajaj” bikes were not reliable or so(as sm guys say) Then the total sales world wide wud’nt have crossed 3lac mark !!

    The p135 alone clocked 50000 units in 75 days !!

    It’s not the buyer who chooses the bike, its the Bike which chooses the Biker !! And believe me , just have a test ride on the P180, u’ll forget all others !!
    In the end, it’s your money and u are gonna take final verdict, all we can do is tell our opinion, I myself gonna buy P180 next week(And the only dilemma left is the COLOR, i’m stuck between Black and blue!! :) )

    Just love ur machine and maintain it well….u won’t be dissapointed !!

    • fas

      Ajay, the Pulsar is an awesome bike to ride. Test ride one and not falling in love means there is something wrong with you (hehe) but after a few years, things start going crazy with stuff not working and niggling issues popping up. Don’t ask me, ask fellow Pulsar owners who have done in excess of 10,000 kms.

  • pansome

    Rohith, even i agree with fas…
    go for apache 180…its one mean machine…
    the only reason i dint took it is that i have a big muscular look with once, i captured myself on it..n trust me it was looking weird…
    so guyzz, with short or medium height n bulk..go for it…
    its one bike u will fall in luv with…
    it actually depends on prioratisations.
    mine was how i luk on the bike as well as l’il bit power…
    ajay, even m nt a very big fan of bajaj…but just wanna say that i like the efforts these guyzz take to be number 1…

  • rohith

    my friend had taken recently p150(ug4) and hz very much satisfied
    he adviced me only thing pulsar=power …
    so im getting tensed by comments dat after 10,000 kms its waste…
    i dnt like apache bcoz its d tvs company
    so i want to choose between cbz,fazer and p180

  • cbz xtreme is really good, 2nd mosts power bike in 150cc, 1st r15 but its 153cc.

  • rohith

    @sportbike wats d mileage of cbz dude does it hav any vibrations if so at wat speed??

  • vikhyat

    i m confused wich one to buy..p180 or p220..
    i need to see the lukz..n d mileage of d bike..
    what is d mileage of both??

    • fas

      Vikhyat, the P180 gives 45kmpl, the P220 gives 40kmpl.

  • mahesh

    fazer mlg is speed is 130km.onroad price Rs 83365 in shakes at stil 110 KM speed.fully balanced. muscle rocked style.comfortable seating.

  • i own a pulasr 180 ug 3 model ….7000km done on it….but it gives d mileage of 30km/l …whats d problem…plzzz help

  • rohith

    hey mahesh me frm hyd dude is it good at high speed…i like d bike by looks and mileage is also good..doesnt it really vibrate??

  • rohith

    i mean fazer

  • hey FAS
    i own a pulasr 180 ug 3 model ….7000km done on it….but it gives d mileage of 30km/l …whats d problem…plzzz help

    • fas

      Harsh, there could be lots of problem, I think you should get it checked by Bajaj service center to diagnose the exact issue.

  • fas
    i went 2 Bajaj service center to diagnose the exact issue.but dey…said dat…ride ur bike at 40-50km/h then it will give d average of..about 50km/h……what d **** dey all r …pulasr agar 70km/h tak na chale toh chalne maja nahi…aata …..plz tell me what d problem in my bike…..der was an avergae test done by bajaj in der service center …n dey said bike vil give d averge of 50-55 but….par kuch nahi hoya…

    tell me d reasons for dis problem…plzzz

    • fas

      Harsh, could be fuel quality. Change your pump and check. Also fill proper air and ride in higher gear.

  • shrik

    i own a pulsar 180
    ansd i hv done around 4000kms on it and it gives me 35km to a litre and the chainspocket is becoming slightly loose also it doesnt gives good response after 75km/h
    what should i do???????

  • shrik

    dre’s another question for u that which fuel will be best for my pulsar among d various brands(speed ,xtrapremium or unleaded??????????????????//

  • jason

    hey guys me got the 180 UG4 bought 9 months back n crossed 9000 mark bike is killer no maintenance problem at all kept sure to follow the servicing time table may be thats why. gives me an avg of 51 n its pick up is real powerful n no engine overheating problem during long distance driving

    happy biking guys

  • will Pulsar 180 ug 4 give me an mileage of 40 kmpl.


    hai…last month me and my friends arrange a race….3 bikes are joining pulsar 180 UG frnd pulsra200 and yamaha FZ….RACE DISTANCE around 1.5km…..its amazing my P 180 goes first@ speed of 133km/hr…..i”m unable 2 believe it……is it true ? my p180 goes that faster or any meter error?

  • venkat

    hai…last month me and my friends arrange a race….3 bikes are joining pulsar 180 UG frnd pulsar 200 and yamaha FZ….RACE DISTANCE around 1.5km…..its amazing my P 180 goes first@ speed of 133km/hr…..i”m unable 2 believe it……is it true ? my p180 goes that faster or any meter error?

  • Johnny Gaddar

    this bike is kick ass! Freaking awesome!
    It s rockhard stable even at 115 kmph!

  • Mahesh


    I am facing a unusual problem, I had isue with my 180 UG4 after 3rd service , the bikes gives jerks when it is below 4000 RPM and engine gets off. I checked with the service center and after 6 unsuccesful check they told me that it is due water in the fuel tank. But after some days again i am facing the same issue. No idea what is the issue, Pleae Help

  • sukumar

    hai guys i owned a pulsar 189cc before two months.. oh guys what a biike really i shocked with the sporty look n riding comfortable no chance its really amazing amd also its giving the mileage of 45-50 kmpl. i ll give a tip to get more mileage. just ride your bike between 50-60 kmph. so that u willl get better mileage believe me guys.. and also the handling of my bike is awesome.. pulsar rocks.. keep rocking pulsar..

  • Utsav Gahtori

    hello everyone…
    i’m planning to buy pulsar 180 ug 4
    i just wanted to know that does 180’s gear shift lever is same as that of 220..????
    i mean the placement of gear shift lever????

  • Anand

    Hai frndz, iam willing to buy a new bike. My frst and only choice s p180 ug4. Pls giv me proper details abt its mileage, engine quality etc.. Also suggest me a proper color 2 carry out with. Which is the bst red or blue? Also any details of new upgraded p200s arival?

  • sagar

    i have the old model 180cc pulsar
    but the gear shift pattern is hard or tight
    how to solve the problem
    it is reallly touch to change gears

  • Kasliwal Ashish

    Hello Guys..
    wel i am planin to purchase Pulsar 180 ug4 in 1-2 days .. can any 1 tel me…
    1) If there is any problem in it.
    2) Can any user give me a review about “Absence of KICK”.
    3) Is there any problem faced as kick is not present.
    4) Does the battery work properly.

    Thankyou …

  • Kasliwal Ashish-there is no problem in absense of kick & n battery works properly

  • Navin

    hi Fas i waana buy a new bick
    i selected FZ 16 and Pulsar 180 ug4
    which 1 give mileage ???
    which 1 is nice pick up ???
    which 1 is comfortable for long drive n highway nd city ???
    no problem for cast i waana mileage nd comfortable which one best Fas???

  • @ navin

    mileage – almost same apprx 40
    pick up – p180
    long drive & highway – p180
    city – fz16
    fz looks p180 peformance
    overal p180 is good for u.

  • @ navin

    also look out for apache 180,its a nice bike too.take test drive of all of’em.

  • Navin

    thanxx sourabh:)

  • Arpit

    I own pulsar 180 2008 model, i am facing problem with digital meter its giving me absurd reading, n sumtime it just remain to 0, if anyone has faced the same, plz help me..

  • what is the mileage of the new pulsar 180ES UG 4.5? please tell me Bcoz i am going to buy the same…………

  • arun

    i own a pulsar 180 ug4 too…its just got completed around 3800kms…nd i am getting around frm 58-64kmpl for economy riding…mileage totally depends on d way of riding….going around 80-90km/hr stil gives me around 50kmpl…so dnt b concerned too much abt d miles..if u lyk the byk, just go for it…



  • Aman

    hey i purchased p180 ug4 19 of this month only
    well its too gud
    nd looks r dashing aur ek baat the avg is around 40-41 when its before first service…………….


    Hey guys …i m planning to buy Pulsar 180 new model in this diwali..
    please suggest me is it worth to buy it or else i should buy some another bike…..please help.

  • punit


  • pulsar 180 rocks

  • Hi,

    I am planning to get pulsar 180cc ug4(new model) since i am 17 this year in nepal do u hae any idea how much will that cost me to buy if u do plz reply Ty. ND I heard some people sayaing that its realy sucks in winter cuz its very hard to start so i am worried, do we have kick start in new model ND do u think Its worth buying TY plz replay TC*

  • vicky

    heyy guyss i m decided to buy a pulsor 180 new model…so plzz tell me watss the milege of this byk………and also tell me whats the top speed………..??????

  • pulsar 180 ug 4 give d avg of 40km/litre n…top speed depend on riding….125km/hr

  • Hi from chennai.
    i have planned to buy pulsar 180 ug4 in 1 R 2 days.i have attracted to the woking as a field work.roaming in cities any i want the suggesion about milage of this bike in speed 60-70 and 70-90.because i want to plan my salary is enough to fill petrol.plz.

  • favas

    pulsar 180* milage 55 – top speed 129

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