Bajaj Pulsar 1000 DTSi

No Bajaj Auto has not leapfrogged from the Pulsar 220 to Pulsar 1000 by skipping Pulsar 240 and the respective 20cc + machines in between. However some one has tried desperately to make his Pulsar 150 look like a Yamaha R1. First off the whole bike looks completely out of shape and the exhausts below the seats are the closest this bike comes to look like a R1. Other than that, the best modification has to be the sticker Yamaha!

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  • sunny

    r1??? luks lyk a fu**ing owl…i mean luk @ d handles,d small freakin disc,d foot-rests and wat not….
    its a waste of money,dats wat i think n m sure d mechanic must hv charged a gud amount only….

  • Guni

    Sucks big tym

  • Anirudh

    C’mon.. i have seen worse.. I think this looks okay.. Atleast its nt repulsive.

  • Anirudh

    Looks like the guy poured in alot of money in this.

  • Sagar

    @FAS: did this guy send the pictures to you??

    • fas

      Sagar, No we clicked the pics when we saw the bike parked.


    stinks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • viki

    i wonder how much it wuld cost him if he gets in a crash… :) lol guess he wuldnt make it ready again. pitty ur dad big time. no wonder dz wuld have done 4m self pocketing… rolf

  • shiven

    it wud need some guts to drive this bike and feel the shame in the city… looks ugly……horrible ……and pathetic…just waste of money….

  • Vicky

    Hi ,

    I totally agree with Sagar on all of his points.

    The Owner has total spent a Bomb on the Vehicle , And its 7 out of 10 . their are lot of worse , worst vehicles ,

    Its a OK alterations

  • Akshay

    well… what can i say… the guy tried his best i guess…on the upside there are no R1 or F1 or “catch me if u can..” thingies n stickers, looks neat for a stupid mod
    btw, if the pic was clicked by a third person, atleast blurr the number plates,,

  • ysak

    money wasted..

  • harsh

    I jus puked!

  • Sagar

    And in any case even if you did take consent you obviously didn’t honor it, instead ridiculed his personal property without making sure he knows. Disgusting.

  • Akshay

    Im sure the guy who owns this bike mst be having a hearty laugh…cheers to that!
    who cares who owns this.

  • Karthik.s

    Looks sooooooo cheap.

  • Navjot

    very ugly.. big body .. small chassis .. what the hell happen to tyres looks like maruti 800’s tyres .. poor looking disc.. i will like to drive hero Hawk than this.. !!

  • Pritam Mitra

    it’s Not a Bajaj Pulsar 1000 DTSi,
    it’s a Yamaha bike……

  • pradeep

    pulser 240 ka mazak hai ye.the new R15 is much better than this…

  • Vikas

    Faisal you are doing grt job man.You are updating all the latest news before news channels.
    I want to ask one more thing do you have any information about when pulsar 200NS is going to hit bangalore showrooms.From last 4 months I am doing research on this bike.
    Please update me if you have any information about what will be On raod price for this bike any idea I am nt asking the exact price plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz……………….

    • Faisal Khan

      Thanks Vikas. Bangalore launch of 200 NS only in July.