Indian GP Vette Wins

If you are an F1 fan, you might have already booked your tickets for the Indian GP which takes place on the 27th October 2013. Even if you are not a Formula 1 fanatic, you should still see the race at the Buddh International Circuit at least once. The track at Greater Noida is beautifully made and the experience of hearing and seeing Formula 1 cars whizz past you at speeds of over 260 km/hr is totally worth ever penny. Now tickets for the 2013 Indian Formula 1 Grand Prix have gone on sale and the prices aren’t much different than last year.

You have the option of taking a season ticket (covering three days comprising of practice, qualifying and race) or a race day ticket which grants you entry into the Sunday race only. There are quite a few stands available, with prices ranging from Rs. 2000/- for the picnic stand to Rs. 21,000/- for the main grand stand (three day pass). If you opt for the race day ticket only, prices are slightly cheaper, ranging between Rs. 1500/- to Rs. 12,000/-. Remember there is no Indian GP in 2014, but 2015 onwards the race will take place in March, instead of October.

2013 Indian F1 Tickets Price –

Season Ticket Price –

  • Main Grand Stand Lower Tier – Rs. 21,000/-
  • Main Grand Stand Upper Tier – Rs. 15,000/-
  • Premium Stand South – Rs. 10,000/-
  • Star Stand 1 East – Rs. 7500/-
  • Star Stand 3 East – Rs. 7500/-
  • Picnic Stand North – Rs. 2000/-

Race Day Ticket Price –

  • Main Grand Stand Lower Tier – Rs. 12,000/-
  • Main Grand Stand Upper Tier – Rs. 10,000/-
  • Premium Stand South – Rs. 7500/-
  • Picnic Stand North – Rs. 1500/-
  • Star Stand 1 East – Rs. 5000/-
  • Star Stand 3 East – Rs. 5000/-

So yes, the tickets are a bit on the expensive side considering the cheapest ticket doesn’t give you any view and you have no chair to sit on either. Food and parking is quite expensive as well but the experience of hearing a Formula 1 car on full throttle, hitting the redline at 18,000 RPM makes all the costs well worth it. To understand where the stands are located, checkout the picture below. To book tickets, head to or to a nearby Mercedes-Benz dealership.

2013 Indian F1 Tickets