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The Aura gets an ergonomic and expensive looking dashboard

Interiors – Step in and you are greeted with a familiar cabin. You will appreciate the driving position and the ergonomics instantly. The high-mounted touch-screen infotainment system is a joy to use as it is easily reachable and slick in operation. There are also physical buttons which feel well damped. The 8-inch touchscreen supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. You also get a part-digital instrument cluster, similar to the one in the Nios. We like how, unlike, some other car manufacturers, Hyundai has preferred keeping the tachometer analogue and the speedo digital. The instrument cluster is perfectly legible and gives you all the information you need.

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Three people will be extremely comfortable in the rear seats of the Aura

Being a Hyundai, the Aura is loaded with features, has a good amount of space and good quality materials all around

The finish and quality of the cabin is really good. The unique approach to the texture of the seats and the Bronze coloured trim on the dashboard makes the Aura stand-out from the usual beige offered on other cars of the segment. The cabin may lack the solidity of the Volkswagen Ameo but is better than the Maruti Dzire. The front seats offer great support and should be comfortable on long journeys. Even the rear seats score well on comfort with good legroom and decent headroom. The space is not lavish but should suffice. The middle passenger won’t complain as the cabin has sufficient width and there isn’t much intrusion from the rear-AC vents. And the availability of the central AC vents is definitely a plus.

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At 402-litres, the boot is decently spacious

Hyundai is known for putting a lot of features in their cars and the Aura follows the same. The top-end variant gets single-zone climate control with air-purifier, wireless charging, cruise control (1.2-petrol-only), cooled glove box, driver-seat height adjust, leather-wrapped steering and others. Even lower variants are well equipped. The cabin is also practical with ample storage spaces and the boot seems accommodative.