2021 Honda Grazia Sports Edition Pearl Nightstar Black Price
It is Rs. 1000/- pricier than the regular disc variant

Honda has launched the new 2021 Grazia Sports Edition at a price tag of Rs. 82,564/- (ex-showroom Gurugram), today.

This new edition might be Honda’s way of keeping the model fresh while trying to increase sales in the process.

Design-wise the Grazia Sports Edition has not changed much, but there are new colours and graphics on offer.

For instance there are new “racing stripes”, while the front arc and rear grab rail receive the same paint shade which is in contrast with the body colour. Further, the rear suspension comes in red-black colour, while there is also a new Grazia logo.

Otherwise, the split LED position lamp, chiseled tail lamp, and black alloy wheels all remain the same and so does the full digital meter along with multi-function switch.

Honda has not made any mechanical changes to the 2021 Honda Grazia Sports Edition. Its 124cc engine continues to put out a maximum of 8.14 HP at 6000 RPM and 10.3 Nm of peak torque at 5000 RPM.

Like before, the scooter also comes with features such as Idling Stop System and side stand indicator with engine-cut off, integrated pass switch and external fuel lid, while the glove box is said to be redesigned.

Similarly, there seem to be no changes either to the suspension or braking hardware on offer with the Grazia.

The 2021 Grazia Sports Edition comes in two colors – Pearl Nightstar Black and Sports Red and it will be available at Honda 2-wheeler dealerships across India starting today.

2021 Honda Grazia Sports Edition Sports Red
The manufacturer could have also added some bright paint options