2021 Mahindra Thar Reasons To Buy
There are plenty of things to like about the new off-roader

Ever since the 2021 Mahindra Thar was unveiled, those looking for reasons to buy the off-road-focused compact SUV have been mightily pleased thus far.

Neat styling, a cabin that actually has some creature comforts, modern features and plentiful off-road tech on it makes the new Thar a product that even people who live in concrete jungles would want to buy and more importantly have fun with.

We like the Thar and our review is testament to that. Nevertheless, in the interest of being neutral, here are reasons why one should buy the car and reasons why one should not.

Mahindra Thar 4 Reasons To Buy

Design – It is not new or particularly awe-inspiring. However, the shape is very familiar and Mahindra’s decision to built on that was a wise move indeed. Although many criticised the automaker for the grille, in person it does not look bad. The Thar looks good from all angles in any form.

Cabin – The difference between the cabin of the old Thar and the new Thar is night and day. The interior quality has improved massively and features like the 7-inch touchscreen further add to its advantages.

Drivetrain Options – There are two engine options – a petrol and diesel, and two transmission options – 6-speed MT and AT available with the car. This is a major plus point in the 2021 Mahindra Thar reasons to buy list, because some like to let the car shift gears by itself and some prefer the smoothness of a petrol motor, although the diesel is not bad in any way.

Off-Road Abilities – The previous gen Thar was known for its go-anywhere ability. The new Thar can not only wade through deeper waters, it can do so while the passengers are comfortable inside. It is immensely capable over all types of terrains and has the necessary hardware to boot.

4 Reasons Not To Buy

Rear Seat – Children and teenagers will find the rear seat space adequate, but adults will not. The headrests are adjustable, but the seats offer no support whatsoever. So, if a new Thar owner asks you to sit in the back, then know well that s/he does not like you.

MT-only Base Variant – It is not surprising that Mahindra decided to forgo the AT in the base variant. However, that move could cost them since the segment in which the car sits does not see very high sales figures and many might go for the base model owing to the SUV’s off-road oriented nature.

Ride – While riding about in the old Thar was like falling down a set of stairs, the new Thar’s ride is way better but it is still far from plush. The ride feels bumpy, somewhat similar to the TUV300 and at high speeds (100 km/hr +) it goes all over the place. The Thar is one SUV that doesn’t like being pushed.

Skipped features – Things like a reversing camera and rear wiper are sorely missed out on the car. Since the rear view is not that great, Mahindra should have offered the reversing camera at least. But, we reckon the manufacturer had to forgo some features to keep costs from getting out of hand.

This latest model has all the right boxes ticked and should sell well