2021 Mercedes Benz S Class MBUX
The cental portrait-style screen is 12.8 inches

2021 Mercedes S-Class MBUX has been revealed and the interior teased and what a departure it is from the previous model!

The big 12.8-inch touchscreen dominates the dashboard and is in portrait form like in a Tesla. In the S-Class, it can be had with OLED technology and haptic feedback.

The driver’s instrument cluster is a 3D display that allows a spatial view at the touch of a button. No, you do not have to wear 3D glasses to be able to see it.

Since an S-Class owner will likely sit in the back, Mercedes-Benz has provided three screens with extensive infotainment features at the rear.

Control options such as MBUX Interior Assist and the voice control assistant “Hey Mercedes” are also offered for rear passengers.

The 2021 Mercedes S-Class MBUX has been designed with human factor, personalisation and intuitive operation in mind.

For example, the voice assistant now supports 27 languages with Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and no, it will not be able to support all regional languages.

Also, it can tell a person where the first-aid kit is located and even give a tutorial on how to connect a smartphone via Bluetooth.

Safety has also been well looked into. The MBUX now offers a new authentication method that combines fingerprint, face and voice recognition.

It will even allow verification of digital payments on the go should you wish. The traditional PIN entry system is also offered.

The second generation Mercedes S-Class MBUX has seven different profiles with options for personal preferences.

Mercedes says the unique feature of the MBUX is its networking with vehicle systems and data gathered from sensors.

It uses cameras to recognise that an occupant wants to leave the car and the ambient lighting goes red to warn a person of incoming danger.

Attention Assist feature monitors the driver continuously for signs of microsleep and the Interior Assist can even check if the child seat is attached correctly.

Moreover, upon request, Mercedes will even sell you two head-up displays with AR which provides relevant information to the driver at a virtual distance of 10 metres.

Most of these features will be available with the new S-Class as standard. Welcome to the future everybody.

2021 Mercedes S-Class MBUX

  • Second generation Mercedes S-Class MBUX system revealed
  • Has five screens in total, with three for the rear passengers
  • Driver’s display comes with 3D display, no special glasses are needed
2021 Mercedes Benz S Class MBUX Features
Drivers will get all the relevant information without distractions
2021 Mercedes Benz S Class MBUX Infotainment
Rear passengers get three screens to access the MBUX system