2022 Mercedes AMG SL 43 Front
2022 Mercedes SL43 retains the design elements of its bigger brothers

The 2022 Mercedes AMG SL 43 features an electric turbocharger

The 2022 Mercedes AMG SL 43, yup the convertible sports car’s lower-powered version, has become the world’s first series production car to sport an electric turbocharger.

The new system, called as the second-generation Riemen Starter Generatoren (RSG), is derived directly from the Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 car assuring instantaneous throttle response across the rev range.

2022 Mercedes AMG SL 43 Interior
The dashboard is fresh, flowy and reminiscent of the brand’s new design philosophy

The biggest gripe with any turbocharger is its low end lag. To address this issue, Mercedes says it has integrated an electric motor around 4 centimetre thin directly on to the turbocharger shaft between turbine and the compressor on its 2-litre, 4-cylinder engine.

Powered by a 48 V system, this motor can run to speeds up to 1,70,000 RPM, thereby offering high intake airflow to the engine even before the exhaust gases’ powered turbine reaches its threshold.

The new electric turbo lies underneath this new M139 engine.

The electric motor of the 2022 Mercedes AMG SL 43, it is claimed, motor keeps spinning and generating high pressure even when the brakes are applied so that there’s more than adequate torque when the driver engages the throttle again.

The motor offers additional 14 HP peak power on demand on the SL 43 which puts out 381 HP at 6750 RPM and 480 Nm between 3250 RPM and 5000 RPM. It also acts as a mild-hybrid system offering other benefits including a gliding mode.

Comparing the performance of the new entry level SL 43 with the big-hearted SL 55 and SL 63, Mercedes say the SL 43 is 20 km/hr slower than the SL 55 at its max top speed of 275 km/hr and a second slower to the ton, taking 4.9 seconds, despite sporting an engine that’s just half the displacement of the latter.

Rear Profile
The rear of SL 43 is classy and sporty at the same time

Coming to the other aspects, the SL 43 carries forward the design and architecture from SL 55 and 63, offering a 2+2 seating layout with space for people up to 150 cm tall.

The body shell that weighs just over 270 kg has a transverse rigidity 50 percent higher than the AMG GT Roadster. For improving aerodynamics, the SL has horizontal louvres behind the upper air intake and a retractable rear spoiler that changes its position to reduce drag.

2022 Mercedes AMG SL 43
Mercedes seems to be going from strength to strength in all segments