Tata Safari ADAS
ADAS is finally here with the Tata Harrier and Safari

2023 Tata Safari & Harrier bookings commence, launch soon

2023 Tata Safari and Harrier have been announced as Tata Motors starts accepting bookings. Both the SUVs now comes with additional new features and are BS6 Phase 2 compliant.

Visually there are no changes. The exterior and interior styling remains totally unchanged. However, the special Red Dark edition will come with red accents on the black exterior and red upholstery for the interior.

The Indian carmaker has added some interesting new features and some of them are much awaited. There is finally a new larger 10.2-inch touchscreen infotainment system that comes with their latest UI. It looks quite cool, we have checked it out at the 2023 Auto Expo.

It also gets new 360 degree camera which offers 2D and 3D viewing modes for ease of parking. There is a new all-digital instrument cluster as well which has a 7-inch display. The SUVs come with 6-way power adjustable seats and memory function. The Safari gets ambient lighting along with mood lighting for the panoramic sunroof.

The engine now meets BS6 Phase 2 norms. The specs remain unchanged. It is the same 2.0-litre diesel engine producing 170 PS and 350 Nm of torque.

Now the much awaited ADAS feature has been introduced with the Harrier and Safari. It comes with the following features:

Forward Collision Warning

This alerts the driver with audio-visual warning on the instrument cluster about a probable collision by measuring the distance with the ADAS monitors.

Autonomous Emergency Braking

The ADAS monitors identify probable collision with vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists and if required applies brakes automatically.

Traffic Sign Recognition

The system recognises traffic sign boards including speed limits, no overtaking, etc. signs and displays it on the instrument cluster to inform the driver.

High Beam Assist

This is quite a useful feature. It automatically adjusts the headlight from high to low beam when oncoming vehicles are detected.

Lane Departure Warning

The system warns you if you deviate from the lane markings by audio-visual alert. It doesn’t correct the steering wheel though.

Blind Spot Detection

If there is a car in your blind spot, the ADAS system will alert you of any possible hazard with and audio-visual warning on the ORVM.

Lane Change Alert

This feature warns the driver with a visual warning on the instrument cluster if there is any un-intended deviation from the lane.

Door Open Alert

This happens quite often when the passengers of your vehicle open the door without looking out. This feature will warn the passengers with audio-visual alerts if any incoming speeding vehicle is detected from behind. It will help the driver and passengers exit the vehicle safely.

Rear Cross Traffic Alert

While reversing this feature alerts you if there is any object or vehicle approaching or present in the rear blind spot of the vehicle for safe reversing.

Rear Collision Warning

The system monitors and alerts the driver if there is any incoming speeding vehicle. It also alerts the driver of the incoming vehicle by blinking the hazard lamps.

2023 Tata Safari Interior
There are no visual changes but much awaited new touchscreen system
10.2-Inch Touchscreen
Both the cars come with a larger 10.2-inch touchscreen
 7 Inch Instrument Cluster
It also comes with an all-digital 7-inch cluster
Tata Harrier 360 Degree Camera
There is a new 360 degree camera
Tata Safari Ambient Lighting
Ambient lighting for the Safari
Sunroof Lighting
The Safari now also gets mood lighting on the sunroof
Tata Safari Forward Collision Warning
Tata Safari Traffic Sign Recognition
Tata Safari Rear Cross Traffic Alert
Tata Safari Rear Collision Warning
Tata Safari Lane Departure Warning
Tata Safari Lane Change Alert
High Beam Assist
Door Open Alert
Blind Spot Detection
Autonomous Emergency Braking