Suzuki Intruder 150 Test Ride
These bikes make no sense in our market with better performing and more practical alternatives

4 Bikes Which Shouldn’t Exist

The motorcycle segment is expanding and how, with so many choices – new bikes being launched, old ones being updated but are there any motorcycles which shouldn’t be on sale today? Well, I certainly feel so for some models and here’s a list of 4 bikes which shouldn’t exist according to me.

Bajaj Avenger 180 Video Review
The Avenger was an outstanding concept which failed to succeed due to lack of major updates

Bajaj Avenger

On sale since quite a long time without getting any comprehensive update, the Avenger is a city cruiser but who cruises in the city and what exactly does a city cruiser do? The original idea of the Avenger was great but Bajaj has failed to capitalise on it and continues to give it minuscule updates time and again. A proper rival to the Royal Enfield Classic 350 was expected but the Avenger wasn’t Bajaj’s vehicle for choice for the same as they chose the Dominar 400 instead.

4 Bikes Which Shouldn't Exist
A 125cc motorcycle for the track doesn’t make sense at the same price of a Yamaha R15

KTM RC 125

A motorcycle that looks this sporty but barely manages to hit the ton, the KTM RC 125 is all show and no go, making sense in Europe only where license requirements for beginners let them ride a 125cc only. I get it, KTM wants to offer a cheaper bike which the Duke 125 does quite well, but the RC 125 just feels overpriced and unnecessary in front of the Yamaha R15, more so with the first-gen RC platform still on sale even after 6 years with no comprehensive updates!

2017 Suzuki Intruder 150 Review Test Ride
Suzuki tried to make a cruiser on the basis of the Gixxer and failed miserably

Suzuki Intruder

If Johny Bravo was a motorcycle, this would be it because both seem to have skipped leg day. The Suzuki Intruder is a great way to spoil the legacy of an established high displacement motorcycle brand by launching a cruiser shaped bike with a puny 150cc heart. This bike looks unnecessarily heavy and also quite obnoxious but who am I to judge? Because no one buys it anyway. At least I haven’t seen one yet.

4 Bikes Which Shouldn't Exist
The Bajaj Pulsar 220 feels seriously outdated now

Bajaj Pulsar 220

On the top of this list is a very important motorcycle as it changed the game in its era, the Bajaj Pulsar 220. It is being unnecessarily dragged and is way past its prime, more so when Bajaj has the fantastic Pulsar NS 200 that not only packs in superior hardware but is also faster and better handling, for a fraction of more money. I guess fairing is the sunroof for bikes as it can make an inferior product sell but here it seems to have caused more harm since the 220 ate the NS 200 which meant we Indians haven’t got get a third-generation Pulsar yet, slow claps. Meanwhile, buyers seem to be preferring the 220 because 220 is greater than 200 and higher the number, the better it is, no?

I could have made this listicle with 10 bikes too but I decided to skip the likes of the Honda Cliq, 500cc Royal Enfields and a lot more because with BS6 norms coming into play, many motorcycles have been discontinued, including the aforementioned ones. I would love to read your list of unnecessary bikes in the comment section below.