If you drive a car, then there must have surely been various instances of you travelling with other people termed as co-passengers. These passengers are an amusing lot and at times, they end up doing things that really get on our nerves but we can’t really do much about it. Bad habits of co-passengers can be a bit of a turn-off for drivers and hence let’s have a look at some of the most irritating habits of co-passengers in a car.

5 Annoying Habits Of Co-Passengers That We Hate –

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5) Eating/Drinking/Smoking – While eating and drinking food items can be controlled during short journeys, they usually happen a lot over longer travels. We are not against the idea of consuming food inside the car, but if you’re really doing that, then please do not litter the car by shoving food wrappers in cup-holders or dropping food pieces on the seats or carpet. Spilled liquids don’t look good either! Smoking is also very irritating especially if the driver is a non-smoker and hates the stick.


4) Not Locking Doors Or Rolling Up Windows – This problem is usually encountered by those people who drive cars without central locking and/or power windows. When your passengers get out of the car and start moving after shutting the doors without locking them, it can become quite an annoyance to lock each and every door individually. Same goes for cars without power windows, when your passengers get down without rolling up the windows and you have to do that!

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3) Not Fastening Seat-Belts – It becomes irritating when people do not belt up inside the car. By having this lax attitude, people are risking their own lives. When you tell passengers to fasten the seat-belts and get replies like, “You’re a safe driver man, nothing will happen” or “The rules say that only the driver needs to belt-up” and you really wonder whether people have left their brains at home. Golden Rule – Put your point across firmly and refuse to start the car until everyone is belted up.


2) Changing Music and AC Settings – These are the types of passengers who get into the car and immediately start fiddling with the AC and/or music settings. You really cannot do much here because you don’t want to get distracted while driving. Sure, adjusting music volume is fine, but please do not play around with the equalizer settings since people usually spend a lot of time to tune the settings according to their own taste. Moving the AC vents in all directions is another bad habit of these people. Another rule – My Car, My Choice Of Music!

Back Seat Drivers

1) Back-Seat Drivers – These passengers really take the cake and it doesn’t matter whether you’re driving in a crowded city or on an empty highway or in the middle of an overtaking manoeuvre. “Dude, why did you slow down?”, “Boss, overtake him from here”, “No cops around, why have you stopped at the signal?” are just some of the common dialogues that you get to hear from this species. These are also the same people who point at random things on the road and tell you to have a look while driving or tell you to take a turn or stop at the last moment.