Ather Energy Factory
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Ather Diesel likely to be a more spacious, comfort-oriented electric scooter

In a bid to cater to the growing demand for electric two-wheelers in India, Ather Energy is gearing up to launch its latest offering. It is a family-oriented electric scooter named Diesel (quite a weird name for an e-scooter!).

Anticipated to hit the market in mid-2024, the Ather Diesel scooter is targeted towards urban commuting with its emphasis on spaciousness, comfort and affordability.

Tarun Mehta, the CEO and co-founder of Ather, has confirmed the company’s strategic move into the family scooter segment. Mehta highlighted the Diesel model’s increased space and comfort, positioning it as a practical solution for urban families. This marks a departure from Ather’s 450 scooter series, renowned for its performance oriented design, as the company aims to diversify its product lineup.

Suppliers are reportedly ramping up production to meet the expected demand for the Diesel model. Uno Minda Ltd., one of Ather’s suppliers, expressed pride in being part of the Diesel project. Xabier Eskibel, Head Marketing – 2W Segment at Uno Minda, highlighted the scooter’s unique features, such as a spacious seat designed for family enjoyment. Eskibel also mentioned the challenges in building the scooter but expressed confidence in meeting market needs.

The Diesel scooter is expected to face competition from other players in the electric two-wheeler market, including Ola Electric, Bajaj, Ampere, Hero MotoCorp and TVS Motor Company. Ather’s strategic focus on family-oriented design could set Diesel apart for those seeking an affordable and practical electric vehicle for everyday use.

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