Ather Rizta Teaser

Ather Rizta bookings open for Rs. 999/-

Ather Energy has announced the opening of pre-bookings for its latest offering, the Ather Rizta. The company has set the pre-booking amount at Rs. 999/-, allowing eager customers to secure their spot for the much awaited family electric scooter.

The Ather Rizta is positioned as a family-friendly scooter, boasting a design that leans towards the conventional. Notable features include a spacious flat seat and a level floorboard, ensuring comfort for both rider and pillion. Speculations indicate that the scooter will come equipped with modern amenities such as LED lights, a touchscreen instrument console, alloy wheels and a front disc brake, catering to the contemporary rider’s needs.

One highlight touted by Ather Energy is the inclusion of an “anti-skid feature,” although specifics regarding this feature remain undisclosed. Speculations suggest that it could potentially be an anti-lock braking system (ABS), enhancing safety and control on the road.

While technical details regarding the Ather Rizta are yet to be unveiled by the company, reports circulating in the industry suggest that it may inherit the battery and electric motor from Ather’s 450 series.

The official unveiling of the Ather Rizta is scheduled for 6th April. This eagerly anticipated event promises to shed light on the scooter’s specifications, performance capabilities and pricing details.