Audi RS6 Avant Performance Review
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Audi RS6 Avant Performance Review

Car Tested: Audi RS6 Avant Performance; Road Test No. 1030; Test Location: Mumbai

Price OTR Mumbai: Rs. 1,87,83,710/-

The RS6 Avant is a super practical sleeper car, performance is mind-blowing!

Too much is never enough, that saying can’t be truer because when Audi made the RS6 Avant, it was already a very fast car and then the Germans decided that we need to add even more power, yes, that’s right, even more power in a car which goes from 0 to gale force 100 in a mere 3.9 seconds, while taking 4 people in comfort, along with all their luggage. The result is the Audi RS6 Avant Performance, the last version of the fourth generation RS6 as the fifth generation of the A6 has already been unveiled.

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The side profile is clean, can you imagine such a car puts out so much power?

Exteriors – Station wagons are known to be ungainly, they aren’t pleasing to the eyes and won’t attract a second glance but if anyone needs to learn anything from Audi, it’s how to make a station wagon more attractive than any other body style. The RS6 Avant looks gorgeous, it has many go-fast bits like massive air vents in the front bumper to cool the brakes as well as to draw air to the twin turbos. Loads of piano black touches all around, including a rear diffuser which has twin oval exhausts and the blue shade which looks absolutely scintillating in sun light.

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There are lots of sporty bits which make the car stand out

The RS6 is a perfect combination of sportiness and minimalism

Then there are those massive 21-inch wheels on low 30 profile rubber, with the Y spokes, they are simply gorgeous. Audi’s dynamic swipe indicators both at the front and the rear give it a lot of attitude while the matte finish on the rearview mirrors break the monotony of the body colour. That’s not all, the tail-lights look sleek and there is a rear spoiler as well along with a small antenna on the roof which is just the right size. This car does attract a lot of attention, even the brake callipers have RS6 badging on them and the wave discs look beautiful.

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The dashboard has the older design theme unlike the new RS5

Interiors – Step inside and you might be a bit disappointed, I say you, because I am not. It might use the old Audi design with no virtual cockpit or the continuous AC vents on the dashboard but the carbon fibre inlays give it a very sporty appeal. The dashboard is all-black, the seats are beige and that coupled with the big panoramic roof gives this sporty cabin a rather airy feel, me likes! Quality levels are superb, fit-finish is great, there are plenty of features too like Matrix LED headlights, head-up display, tyre pressure monitoring system and a fantastic sounding Bose sound system. The centre console is loaded with a ton of buttons but everything is easy to use, the multi-information display menu is comprehensive.

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There is oodles of space in this 605 HP car!

This is one of the few practical performance cars available in the market

The steering gets the RS6 badging, just in case you forget which Audi you are driving, and thus there is the quattro badge on the left side of the dashboard just in case the co-passenger gets scared if the power is being put down safely, there is just too much of it (more on that later). The Valcona leather RS front seats get integrated headrests and motivates me to put on some weight because the seat is just too generous with support and the side bolstering is just in excess. The rear seat has decent space, headroom isn’t an issue and this car gets a 4-zone climate control system too. The boot is massive but our test car had a full-size spare wheel on the boot floor which meant, the boot could only accommodate a few 1-litre bottles.