Bajaj CNG Bike Leaked

Bajaj CNG bike launch soon, to use petrol CNG combination, likely to be a 125cc bike

Bajaj Auto is foraying into the alternative fuel segment with the imminent launch of its CNG-powered motorcycle. Scheduled for release on 18th June, the Bajaj CNG bike has recently been subjected to scrutiny, revealing intricate details about its design and functionality.

According to the blueprints leaked, the Bajaj CNG bike will be equipped with a double cradle frame, supplemented with braces to accommodate the CNG cylinder. Positioned centrally beneath the rider seat, the CNG unit will be easily accessible, with the filling nozzle located towards the front end. Coexisting alongside the CNG setup is a small petrol tank, following the conventional placement seen in traditional petrol-powered motorcycles.

One notable feature of the Bajaj CNG bike is its utilisation of a ‘sloper engine,’ reminiscent of the design seen in the older Hero Splendor models. This unique engine orientation allows for the accommodation of both CNG and petrol tanks, with the engine head positioned lower than usual, freeing up space for the CNG tank.

However, the integration of multiple fuel sources poses an intriguing challenge for Bajaj – that of managing weight distribution effectively. With the engine, CNG cylinder and fuel tank contributing significantly to the overall weight, achieving optimal balance becomes important for ensuring ride stability and handling.

Anticipated to house a 125cc engine, the Bajaj CNG bike holds the distinction of being India’s pioneering motorcycle featuring a petrol-CNG setup. This innovation is expected to offer riders an impressive range, coupled with the reduced running costs. The economic advantage of CNG, priced lower than petrol, makes the prospect appealing to commuters seeking cost-effective transportation solutions.

Moreover, beyond individual commuters, sectors such as food and essential delivery services stand to benefit significantly from the use of petrol-CNG motorcycles. The enhanced affordability and extended range offered by these bikes align seamlessly with the logistical demands of such businesses, potentially revolutionising last-mile delivery operations.

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