Bajaj Auto has gone aggressive by launching multiple videos of the Pulsar in the past few weeks. The company has now launched a cool GangSlang video for the Pulsar Adventure Sport.

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Bajaj Auto is known for making value for money motorcycles and besides that, they also do a fine job of showcasing their products in cool videos. Remember the Pulsar mania advert whose music still rings in the ears of Pulsar lovers and haters alike. The said commercial had a slew of Pulsar 220 models (the fuel-injected one), performing stunts to very catchy music. There was a second version of the Pulsar mania with the 200 NS which didn’t do as well although it was a good attempt.

Recently, Bajaj launched a new TVC for the Pulsar RS 200 where the full-faired bike plays with fire. Now the company has released a very cool, almost 3 minute video of the Pulsar Adventure Sport, called ‘GangSlang, new language of Pulsarians’. This video shows how Pulsar riders, mainly those who ride an AS, signal to each other. In Bajaj speak, it’s basically ‘Touring signals, the Pulsar way’. The videos demonstrates 14 signals and has been shot in Lonavala, on the road towards Aamby Valley.

Of course being a Pulsar video, there has to be some stunts involved and there are quite a few, including wheelies, burnouts, drifts, etc. The company has used five Pulsar AS models, two of which are blue and three are red coloured. Both the AS 150 and AS 200 have been used in the video.

Bajaj Auto launched the Adventure Sport earlier this year, kick starting a new segment in the lower displacement category. Although not off-roaders in the real sense, the AS models are aimed at those who want to tour and the bikes come with a windshield visor for reduced windblast, projector headlight for improved illumination at night and a semi-fairing. Both the AS bikes are underpinned by a perimeter frame and use carbureted engines.

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