BMW GINA Light Visionary Concept
How about a car that uses fabric instead of sheet metal? Well the BMW Gina is just that.

BMW Gina rear
GINA stands for “Geometry and Functions in ‘N’ Adaptations”, which basically means that designers from both BMW and BMW Group DesignworksUSA were allowed to think out of the box. This is most evident in the GINA Light Visionary Model’s outer skin, which is made entirely out of textile fabric that’s pulled taut around a frame of metal and carbon fiber wires.

BMW Gina interior
The skeleton of the car is controlled by electro-hydraulic devices and can actually move and change shape beneath the fabric skin. Thus allowing the driver to change both the exterior and interior of the car for as many number of times as desired. So if you want a low-slung body kit – you got it. The headlights are revealed when the fabric moves apart, and the engine is accessed when the bonnet seemingly splits to reveal the cars innards.

BMW Gina
Check this video out to know more about how this concept works.