BMW had unveiled its X1 concept car at the Paris Motor Show last fall. The Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV) which BMW is promoting to create a new class of its kind (instead of the popularly known Sports Utility Vehicle) will see it on the Indian road by 2010. The key differentiator in this launch is that the BMW X1 is being offered as a new offering in the compact premium Sport Activity Vehicle. Not only will it be the first of a kind in it’s segment, it appears to be readying for reaching out to the younger crowd.

BMW X1 takes its key styling cues and practicality from the X5 but shrinks it into a more compact and affordable package. The vehicle’s elegant lines and command driving position echo its larger stablemate, while the five-seat configuration and 1,350-litre boot space provides outstanding load-lugging capability. BMW is expected to position the X1 under the X3 and its main competitors will be Volkswagen Tiguan and Toyota RAV-4. It is expected to be in the price range starting anything between Rs. 30-45 lakhs.