Mitsubishi Cedia Driver Engagement

HM-Mitsubishi recently organised an event to provide first hand rallying experience to its customers with the Mitsubishi Cedia. The event was organised at the Gee Dee Driving School, Pollachi Road and was graced by Mr. Naren Kumar. The event saw a large number of enthusiastic customers being driven around the venue in Cedias steered by rallying champions Mr. Sirish Chandran, Mr. Rahul Kantharaj and Mr. Shailendra Hegde. Mr. Naren Kumar also took delivery of the Lancer Evolution X from Mitsubishi’s Coimbatore dealership Anamallais Automobiles.

Naren Kumar EVO X Rally Driver

“This is a one-of-a-kind event and I congratulate HM-Mitsubishi for bringing car rallying closer to all by giving them a feel of the actual experience on the race tracks. More and more youngsters with a passion for speed are getting into the rally circuit these days and their obvious choice is the undisputed leader in the rally car segment, Mitsubishi Cedia,” Mr. Naren Kumar, seven-time INRC Rally Champion, said.