2013 DC Sunny Exterior

The Japanese Caaaaaaaar, Sunny from Nissan’s stable is well-known for its ample amount of cabin space although the buttoned-down interior design feels a bit dull and boring. But opportunists like DC Design don’t care about the cons and customize any redneck into a white-collar executive. Recently, DC Design has transformed a Nissan Sunny into a business class saloon like the Mercedes S-Class or Audi A8 with its Lounge Package.

2013 DC Sunny Rear

The Sunny doesn’t get any change to its exteriors except the Nissan logo being replaced with DCs on the front grille and the alloy wheels being borrowed from the Renault Scala. But once you open the door, an opulent magnetized cabin will attract you to fall in the lap of luxury. The cabin is customized in a 2+2 seating layout divided by the premium centre armrest with several optimization controls for the electronically adjustable seats. Red leather is used for the interior along with plush lounge like seats. The extensive use of light wooden finish is prominent at the doors, centre console and the dashboard.

2013 DC Sunny Centre Armrest

The chrome accents are drawn throughout the whole cabin while the front passenger seat can be reclined forward for the extended flat base leg comfort for the rear passenger. The dashboard is treated with the same color theme as on the rest of the interiors and gets only basic changes like the re-arrangement of AC controls and a large touch screen nav-system on the centre console. The steering shape is the same as the standard model but get the DC badge on it (it’s not know if the airbag system is still functional).

The driver seat features a large screen on the backside of the headrest for rear entertainment coupled with a small screen beneath it that apparently has an android based tab as the small logos are visible on the screen. The power windows switch on the doors are engraved in the door panels, however the driver door has the company fitted assembly.

2013 DC Sunny LCD

DC has done an extravagant job on the Nissan Sunny but a few things seem inappropriate like the position of the glass holder between the front seats is complete baloney, the black gear knob, sun visors and the rear seat-belts feels abandoned and out of the ambience. The complete customization is no less than what you can find in a premium sedan which costs around Rs. 50 lakhs plus. DC Designs has not announced the exact package cost yet but a hint given by them ‘comfort rivaling cars 10 times it’s price’ is enough to judge how exclusive it will be.

2013 DC Sunny Dash

2013 DC Sunny Interior