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Ducati Multistrada 950 Review

Bike Tested: Ducati Multistrada 950; Road Test No. 897; Test Location: Mumbai

Price OTR Mumbai: Rs. 15,99,255/-

This Ducati can be mistaken for a very big bike, Multistradas are giants of adventure

The last time we rode the Multistrada, it was the 1200 Enduro and right in the next weekend, Ducati launched the Multistrada 950 in India. The 1200 Enduro had quite an impact on me of what a big bike can be. And now, after almost 7 months we’ve had the chance to ride another Multistrada, the 950 on the roads of Mumbai. The time spent with the Multistrada 950 has been a completely different experience. A few expectations were met while a few disappointments too.

Motor Quest: The Multistrada 950 is the youngest offering by Ducati in the Multistrada family. Launched in the year 2017, the Ducati Multistrada is a mixed bag with the Hypermotard’s engine. It borrows a lot of equipment from its elder siblings. The engine comes from the Hypermotard family while the alloys and a few bits are completely new.

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So much front mass, the unique design of the Multistrada family

Styling – Every bike in the Multistrada family is a complete look-a-like. Ducati has followed the same design by giving the motorcycles a high-raised heavy front, scooped seat for the rider and an empty yet purposeful tail design. The mass body has been taken from the Multistrada 1200, yet a few things like the swingarm, come from the 1200 Enduro. The cast alloys are totally unique and this is the first Multistrada to get a 19-inch front wheel. The exhaust and the pannier holders have been taken from the Enduro to make it more practical. On the styling front, there’s nothing new as such but a just tad bit of refresh all around.

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Wide and easily readable full digital instrument cluster does the job here

Instrument Cluster and Switchgear – The Multistrada 950 gets a completely digital instrument cluster which is similar within the Multistrada family. But here the cluster loses out on a ton of information and even a Bluetooth direct connect which could connect a smartphone to the console. However, the basic information like the speedometer, odometer, trip meters, real-time fuel efficiency, tachometer, fuel gauge and an engine temperature gauge are very well put together. The switchgear also on the Multistrada 950 feels a little basic and slight cost saving is evident. The 950 doesn’t get a keyless option like the other Multis do.

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The scooped seat still stands tall at 840 mm which is pretty high

Ergonomics – The ergonomics of the bikes in the Multistrada family are totally identical to one another with an upright seating posture, high raised handlebar, centre-set footpegs and wide dual seats. The rider sits at 840 mm above the ground which is pretty tall. For a seat that wide it feels taller than any other bike. For a person with a height like mine, tiptoeing is the only option to ride the Multistrada 950. The pillion, however, sits very comfortably and yet on a floor above. The 1200 Enduro has electronically adjustable suspension. However, on the 950, the suspension being fully adjustable can only be adjusted manually.