Harley Davidson 350 Engine Specs
Who would have thought that the Chinese would supply engines to Harley

The upcoming Qianjiang QJ350 is going to share its engine with the entry-level Harley-Davidson 350 and we are sure about it since images of the engine cover with the American brand’s name printed on it have been leaked.

Conceived as Harley-Davidson’s dedicated overseas model, basically to make Harley a strong player in markets that do not warrant high capacity motorcycles, the 350 will also share its mechanical bits with a Benelli model, possibly a 350S.

Harley-Davidson 350 engine specs as far as we know at the moment is that it could be a 338cc as rumoured before or a 350cc model that gets liquid cooling and is sure to be a parallel twin.

Looks-wise, the Qianjiang QJ350 and the Harley-Davidson 350 would be very different, with the former borrowing styling from the QJ SRK 600 and has twin-pod headlights and quite modern styling.

On the other hand, the Americans will give their bike their own retro-inspired design, in tune with their design philosophy. We do not know if the frame will be retained as is or modified to suit Harley’s laid back attitude, only time will tell.

But one thing is for sure. The new 350 from Harley would likely have to be priced competitively or else it will lose sales to the other two bikes it shares components with.

One more thing that is still elusive is when the bike will be launched. We expect it to happen next year as Harley extended the 2020 model year, delaying any new launches.

Harley-Davidson 350 Engine Specs

  • Harley-Davidson 350 engine to be the same as the Qianjiang QJ350
  • The American brand’s name is found on the engine cover
  • Same engine to be used on a Benelli motorcycle, probably the 350S
Harley Davidson 350 Engine Specs Casing
Harley branding on the engine casing, yes, it is happening
Harley Davidson 350 Engine Specs Side
This is not how the American brand’s bike will look like

Image source – Visordown.com, Webbikeworld.com