The 2010 iteration of the Fiat Grande Punto does seem much different from the regular Punto. The Evo version looks like Fiat forgot to change anything on the car and just called it a facelift. However thats not the case. If you look at both the cars separetely, you will be hard pressed to identify, but when you look at them side by side you will notice the changes are evident. Fiat India we want the Evo and we want it right now.


As can be seen in the pictures, the the car on the top is the 2009 Grande Punto Indian version and below is is the 2010 Punto Evo. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to identify the changes to the headlights, indicators, hood, grille, bumpers, fog lamps, interior, steering wheel, instrumentation, center console, ac vents, audio system, gear knob, antenna, tail lights, reflectors, etc (we can go on and on). Those are just the visible changes and there is more underneath but then why talk when we won’t get the Evo here anyways.