After 52 days of gruelling driving, the Ford Ikon Cross Country Drive finally concluded in Mumbai. Two Ford Ikons and one Ford Fiesta (which served as the support car) circumnavigated India, covering a total distance of 20,000km, passing through 25 state capitals. The objective of the drive was to accurately determine the durability, cost of ownership and fuel efficiency of the Ford Ikon. The team from Autocar India monitored and recorded every parameter of the car’s performance along the carefully mapped route. These parameters included fuel consumption, tyre wear, and consumables like engine oil and brake fluid.


The overall fuel efficiency figure obtained for the Ford Ikon was 28.54kpl, while the running expense for the car was determined as Rs 1.39 per kilometre, both impressive figures given the type of terrain and the weather conditions that the cars and team of drivers had to contend with. The cars were stopped for two scheduled services along the route and the entire drive was audited and verified by KPMG.