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Ford India was expected to launch the Fiesta Automatic at the 2012 Auto Expo. Instead the company chose the event to unveil the EcoSport to the world. Not to let the EcoSport drown the enthusiasm of the Fiesta Automatic, the American automaker decided to keep the launch for later. Now Ford India has updated its website with the Fiesta Automatic. The company will be announcing prices anytime soon and we can expect a launch as soon as next week. The Ford Fiesta Automatic is available in petrol guise only as the developing an automatic gearbox for the 1.5-litre DuraTorq diesel engine does not make economic sense for the company.

The Ford Fiesta Automatic uses a 6-speed PowerShift transmission, which returns 16.86 km/l. This mileage is claimed to be better then some manual cars due to the electro-mechanical controls. The Fiesta Automatic also features Creep function and hill/grade assist. The hill launch assist uses the ABS brakes to hold the Fiesta for 2.5 seconds when traveling uphill, thereby preventing rolling back. You can read the complete review of the Ford Fiesta Automatic here.

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