Harley-Davidson 338R Spied
The motorcycle gets a simple, fuss-free design

A sole spied image of a Harley-Davidson 338R has been doing rounds online and by the looks of it, the motorcycle seems production ready.

Based on the Benelli 302S, which will be launched in India next year, the motorcycle gets a different bodywork to give it Harley’s traditional design cues.

Thus, it gets a slim tank and simple bodywork, unlike bikes of the 300cc class that tend to be polarising sometimes, and the single piece step-up seat with the grab strap, all make it look fuss-free.

Also, the arrow shaped radiator shroud and thick front forks add to the design very well, in what we can see from the Harley-Davidson 338R spied image.

Reports are doing rounds that the 338R’s engine, which is essentially a reworked version of the 300cc parallel-twin on the 302S, uses the bottom end and crankshaft from the 302S’ engine, while the pistons and cylinders are from Benelli’s 500cc twin.

This gives the 2-cylinder unit bore and stroke dimensions of 69 mm and 45.2 mm, respectively, making it a 338cc unit.

It is expected that the engine will make more power than the 302S, with reports putting it in the 43 HP range. But this might not happen at all, since Benelli’s recent 353cc type-approved mill produces 2 HP less than the 300cc parallel twin, which makes judging the actual figures quite tricky.

Otherwise, the rest of the mechanical bits of the bike such as the frame, wheels, brakes and suspension, look identical to those on the Benelli 302S.

Harley-Davidson dealers in China have begun promoting the bike which was originally planned to be launched by June this year. Thus, its international launch might not be far away.

Harley-Davidson 338R Spied

  • Harley-Davidson 338R spied undisguised
  • Mechanical components of the bike look identical to the 302S’ parts
  • The spied motorcycle seems production-ready, launch nearby
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Source – Bennetts.co.uk