It is just a matter of time when Honda will exit completely from the Hero Honda joint venture. The promoters of the Hero Honda group are now working on a new branding strategy for Hero Honda, which will go live once Honda leaves. Honda’s name will be dropped from all future communications after their exit. Come to think of it, Hero Karizma, Hero Passion sound so lackluster and even the owners of HH know that. Hence they might just drop the name of the company completely and instead focus on individual product names (HUL style). The company will also get a new logo.

Hero Honda Motors has a technology tie-up with Honda till the end of 2014. What happens after that is still a question mark and hence the company plans to showcase its technological innovations to ensure that customers keep faith in them even after Honda exists. Hero Honda will now pump a large chunk of money into research and development activities in order to ensure they don’t get stranded after they go solo. Although Kawasaki’s exit really didn’t dent Bajaj as the latter was never known as Bajaj-Kawasaki.