Honda CB350 Adventure Motorcycle Under Works

Honda CB350 based adventure motorcycle patent leaked ahead of launch

Honda has recently stirred up excitement among adventure bike enthusiasts with its filing of a design patent overseas. The patent showcases an upcoming adventure bike that draws inspiration from Honda’s CB350 neo-retro platform. Interestingly, the silhouette of this new adventure bike bears a striking resemblance to the Royal Enfield Himalayan 411.

Drawing from its CB350 lineup, Honda seems poised to maintain consistency by utilising the engine and main frame nearly unchanged for its adventure bike. Notably, the decision to incorporate twin shock absorbers at the rear, akin to the neo-retro bikes, sets it apart from the trend of monoshock suspension systems seen in modern adventure bikes.

One of the distinct features of the Honda adventure bike is its utilisation of wire-spoked rims, indicating a nod towards off-road capability. With tubed tyres likely to be fitted, the bike is expected to offer enhanced durability and resilience in varied terrain conditions. While most adventure bikes opt for either 19-inch or 21-inch front wheels, Honda’s choice in this regard remains to be seen.

Examining the design elements, the adventure bike’s scooped rider’s seat, upswept exhaust, round headlight and provision for multiple luggage mounting points evoke a sense of familiarity with the Himalayan 411. This design direction suggests a focus on practicality and functionality, aligning with the demands of adventure touring enthusiasts.

In terms of performance, speculations indicate that the adventure bike will feature an air-cooled, 349cc, single-cylinder engine, likely delivering output figures similar to Honda’s CB350 range. This positioning would place it in a segment closer to models like the Hero Xpulse 200 4V.

However, it’s essential to note that these patent designs represent a preliminary stage and the actual production model may undergo further refinements and adjustments. As such, the exact specifications and features of the Honda adventure bike are subject to change until an official unveiling.

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