2013 Honda CR-V Road Test

Honda launched the new generation CR-V recently in India and the vehicle comes with two petrol engines on offer – a 2.0-litre engine producing 154 BHP of power and a 2.4-litre engine which makes 187 BHP of power. The petrol CR-V gives a very low fuel efficiency figure, sometimes as low as 7 km/l, because of its weight and size and it is one of the major reasons for the vehicle’s modest sales in the Indian market. However, the global version of the CR-V has a completely different story to tell. Last year, the Honda CR-V was the highest selling SUV in the world.

Honda already had a 2.2-litre diesel engine powering some of its vehicles globally. However, many countries levy an additional tax on vehicles with bigger engines and hence Honda developed a new 1.6-litre diesel unit to power the Civic, Civic Tourer and the CR-V. This new diesel engine gives out a mind-numbing fuel efficiency as proved in the recent “MPG Marathon” test in the UK. The diesel CR-V was taken on a 819 km long drive through various types of road and weather conditions and even after this rigorous test, the vehicle was able to give a really great efficiency of 27.77 km/l, as shown in the Multi Information Display. Honda had used a front-wheel-drive CR-V with an MT for this test as the diesel model is only available in this configuration.

It is great to know that the 1.6-litre diesel powerplant from Honda gives such amazing fuel efficiency. It would be a very wise move for Honda to launch the diesel CR-V in India since the vehicle is loved by many and usually the poor mileage of the petrol engines is the deal-breaker for prospective customers. Even if the diesel CR-V gives 13-14 km/l in India, it would still mean a low running cost of Rs. 4.3 to Rs. 4.6 per km considering the current price of diesel at Rs. 60 per litre. Right now the Honda CR-V petrol costs Rs. 21.80 lakhs to Rs. 26.17 lakhs (ex-showroom, Mumbai).

2013 Honda CR-V Dashboard

2013 Honda CR-V Rear