When Honda launched the CB Trigger, it did not make it official about the bike being a replacement to the CB Dazzler. We all obviously knew about it. The Dazzler has been a failure for the Japanese automaker and hence the company has discontinued the bike, silently. Honda doesn’t like its products being a flop, actually no manufacturer likes it but Honda simply can’t digest the fact leading to quick corrections while others try various ways of making the product sell. That’s the reason why Honda is so proactive when it comes to product launches.

Honda has removed the CB Dazzler from its website as the product is no longer being sold. The CB Dazzler was launched as the CB Unicorn Dazzler with the intention of replacing the highly dated and plain vanilla Unicorn in India. This did not happen because people still preferred the Unicorn over the Dazzler even though the latter came loaded with a ton of features like alloy wheels, digital console, rear disc brake, etc. Some of these features did make it to the Unicorn later as Honda realised its basic 150cc bike has a cult following in India.

So why did the CB Dazzler flop in spite of being such a fantastic product? The bike did not appear very practical and the lack of kick start did put off many prospective buyers. Honda made all the corrections with the CB Trigger which has a full chain case, kick lever, fully digital instrument cluster, LED tail light, etc. The engine of both bikes is the same 150cc unit which offers slick performance and good mileage. Many still feel the CB Dazzler was better than the CB Trigger, a never ending argument.