Honda’s commuter bikes Dream Neo and Dream Yuga have an issue with the head gasket and oil ring which results in oil seepage but the company hasn’t issued an official recall yet.

Honda Dream Yuga Test Ride Review
The commuter bikes Dream Yuga and Dream Neo have a problem of oil seepage

You read it first on MotorBeam. Due to poor consumer protection laws in the country, most manufacturers have been able to get away without replacing faulty parts on certain products. The parts are either replaced at the owner’s cost or replaced free of cost when someone complains. Official recalls have been far and few in numbers. However, the scenario has been slowly changing with some responsible companies issuing recalls to replace defective parts in certain batches of their products.

A recent issue that has been faced by a lot of Honda Dream Neo and Dream Yuga owners is oil seepage from the engine due to a faulty head gasket and oil ring. The issue has been noticed on many bikes showing it is not a one-off issue but a widespread problem. Some dealers are replacing the required parts for free for the customers who are making a noise whereas they are charging the ones who aren’t aware about the issue. Honda hasn’t issued an official recall for the issue till now which is an irresponsible move on their part.

Honda being one of the biggest two-wheeler brands in India should have issued a recall immediately after the issue was reported by a few owners. A recall if issued at the right time sometimes benefits the brand image as the brand is perceived as a proactive and pro-customer brand. Dealers have mentioned that they replaced the oil ring on initial lot of bikes and they haven’t heard of problems after that. But some owners are still facing the issue which points to a faulty head gasket. We hope Honda soon issues an official recall to replace the faulty parts on the affected bikes free of cost.

Honda Dream Yuga
Honda hasn’t issued an official recall and hasn’t spoken a word on it