In the battle of the hybrids, Honda has unveiled the new Honda Insight Concept at the Paris Motor Show, which will be taking up the challenge to its nearest competition –  The Toyota Prius. According to Official sources, Honda will be pricing the Insight cheaper than any other Hybrid on the road to make Hybrid technology accessible to more people.

The name is a carryover from Honda’s first crack at the hybrid segment. The first generation Insight was billed as the first mass-produced hybrid vehicle sold in the United States. Similar to its rival, The Toyota Prius, it will be a five-door, five-passenger hatchback. The production car will be unveiled in January next year.

Honda has already said the car will be slightly smaller and lighter than the Civic Hybrid, the only hybrid now in Honda’s lineup.

The car will sit on a new platform in which the battery and control unit are located beneath the cargo space. The gasoline engine will serve as the main power source, and the electric motor will assist when extra power is needed, such as during passing, start up and acceleration.