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The compact SUV can do some soft-roading too

The Creta feels easy & eager to drive with the smooth 1.6 CRDI engine

Powering our test car was a 1.6-litre CRDI diesel engine which is not only refined but also shines when you talk performance. The diesel powered Creta will stop the clock just under 11 seconds on a 0-100 km/hr run and one can reap the benefits of this when doing short sprints in the city. The 6-speed manual transmission on our car was smooth with ratios sorted for every driving situation. The 6th gear was particularly handy on the highway. Power felt adequate with 126 horses under the hood. The torquey nature of the oil-burner ensures that this engine performs beautifully in the low and mid range of the rev band. Translating this on the road meant that the Creta was up to the task in both city and highway conditions.

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The 1.6 CRDI motor with the 6-speed MT really shines

If you are the one who prefers to drive automatics, Hyundai will sell you one in both petrol and diesel guise. Considering the traffic situation today, it is barely surprising that nearly 30% of all the Cretas sold are equipped with an automatic transmission. Our test car was predominantly driven in the city with occasional highway runs. It delivered an average fuel efficiency of 12.33 km/l. The fuel economy improved after the 10,000 km service and the car felt much smoother to drive too. The Creta returned a best fuel efficiency of 14.86 km/l while the worst was 10.11 km/l. Mileage may vary as per external conditions and driving style but these figures are respectable considering the vehicle was predominantly used in the city.

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Hyundai cars have evolved over the years and how!

Handling of the Creta is average but the ride quality and brakes are good

The Creta’s ride is quite cushioned and even on very rough and irregular surfaces, the passengers were kept comfortable. Handling is neutral and even though Hyundai has improved leaps and bounds in this department, the steering feedback is average and you won’t have anything to complain about. Tyres grip well, both in wet and dry conditions and braking is predictable. The brakes were holding up well and even after 15,000 kms on the odometer, there was negligible wear on the brake pads.