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We have already informed you earlier that Hyundai will not be launching any new product in India in the rest of the year. The company recently launched the fluidic Elantra and will now focus on marketing activities for all its cars in the remaining part of 2012. The fluidic Santa Fe will be launched in early 2013. Our source informs us that the car has just landed on Indian shores and the Korean automaker will commence testing the same right away. All those living in Chennai should keep an eye out for the fluidic SUV, which might soon be seen with mild camouflage.

Hyundai recently unveiled the fluidic Santa Fe in two versions, long wheelbase simply called the Santa Fe and short wheelbase called the Santa Fe Sport. However the long wheelbase version will be built in left-hand drive guise only and thus we won’t be getting it in India. Instead Hyundai will slap on extra seating on the last row of seats of the short wheelbase Santa Fe, which will make the new SUV a 7-seater. This might result in space being compromised for last row of passengers but will also lead to a more aggressive price of the new Santa Fe. Hyundai will locally assemble the vehicle via the CKD route.

The short wheelbase Santa Fe is still bigger than its predecessor. The vehicle has a length of 4690 mm, against 4660 mm of the old version. A 2.2-litre diesel engine will do duty in the car for India. This motor produces 200 PS and 431 Nm, which enables a 0 – 100 km/h sprint in just 9.4 seconds. Hyundai will offer both manual and automatic transmissions of the Santa Fe in India. There will be a model with 4-wheel drive as well. Other than the vast exterior and interior improvements to the Santa Fe, the vehicle also gets added features and new technologies.

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