Hyundai Grand i10 1.2 Review

The Hyundai Grand i10 has been a terrific success for the Korean automaker. The company is now all set to unveil a compact sedan based on the Grand i10. Hyundai has been doing very good sales in almost all segments but it isn’t present in the entry-level C-segment as the Accent has now been axed. The Grand i10 based compact sedan will fill in the void left by the Accent. It will be under 4-metres in length, giving Hyundai crucial tax benefits. Hyundai will mark the global unveil of the Grand i10 compact sedan on the 4th of February, a day prior to the Auto Expo.

When one thinks of the Hyundai Grand i10, there isn’t much to fault with the car. The vehicle boasts of generous interior room, excellent build quality, frugal engines (both petrol and diesel), ample performance for a small car and a feature loaded spec sheet. There was one complain though. Many complained about the battery getting discharged very quickly, which led to the car not starting after being left unused for a few days. The battery getting discharged was a big worry and affected quite a few cars.

Hyundai was aware about the problem and the company has resolved the issue of the battery discharge. The company is also rectifying the issue faced by existing owners and the dealers are trained to address the problem. There will be some amongst you who might be facing the battery problem so approach your nearest dealer for rectification. Hyundai has always believed in customer satisfaction and addressing the issue was of paramount importance as the Grand i10 is Hyundai’s best selling car in the country at the moment.

Hyundai Grand i10 Petrol User Experience