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The interiors remind you of the Chevrolet TrailBlazer

Interiors – Open the door and climb inside the cabin with the help of the grab handle on the A-pillar. Visibility from the driver’s seat is excellent with a good view of things ahead. Even sideward visibility is nice and the only time you have issues is while reversing the car. A rear view camera is desperately needed in this car. Our test car neither had a camera nor parking sensors. The layout of the dashboard is indeed quite similar to the Chevrolet TrailBlazer. The steering wheel gets audio controls while the instrument cluster has simple yet easy to read and large dials. The MID displays 2 tripmetres, average fuel efficiency, DTE, etc.

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Equipment list is satisfactory for this price range

The audio system consists of 4 standard speakers and a touchscreen headunit which is an expensive option. While the screen itself is smooth to operate, the speakers have below-par sound quality. The Isuzu D-Max also gets an automatic climate control system and the AC is quite a chiller. The ORVMs are electrically adjustable and foldable and are pretty large to give a good view of things. We would have appreciated if Isuzu had provided an auto-dimming IRVM because it is an extremely useful feature. Apart from that, there are no other jazzy features and the interiors feel functional and ergonomic.

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The quoted payload capacity is 265 kgs, but the car can carry much more

The cabin is functional and ergonomic, seats are soft and comfortable too

The loading bay has a claimed cargo payload of 265 kgs so that it can be registered as a private vehicle but we’re sure that it can carry much more than that. The loading bay is bare basic and you get an optional liner which was fitted on our test car. There’s a huge range of different types of covers that are available for the loading bay. The loading bay isn’t set too high and thus it is easy to load luggage in it. The liner doesn’t have any pipes for water to flow down but it is water-proof.

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The front seats are large and comfy; rear seat back is upright

The front seats are large and comfy and in the 500-odd kms I drove the car, I had no major complaints with the seats whatsoever. There is a good amount of space at the rear but the seatback is a bit upright and you cannot recline it. Head room is more than enough but I found under-thigh support to be slightly lacking. The cushioning is pretty soft. However, one thing worth noting is that the seats as well as floor mats come in a shade of beige and it is bound to get really dirty when you go off-roading.