Jaguar F-Type Art Of Performance
The F-Type gives an unmatched adrenaline rush of acceleration and sound

Jaguar Art Of Performance

The Art Of Performance Tour is a medium to test the capabilities of the wild cats

Jaguar organised the Art of Performance Tour across India for the prospective buyers to experience the entire range of cars including the Jaguar XE, XF, XJ, F-Pace and F-Type. One of the events was organised at the Ambey Valley airstrip in Lonavala where we got to test the dynamic aspects of these British cars.

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Jaguar has now expanded its portfolio to SUVs

The Art Of Performance had three activities lined up. The flat out airstrip run was only reserved for the ferocious Jaguar F-Type which we sampled at the end. The other two activities included lane changing with braking test and slalom test in the XE, XF, XJ and F-Pace. We sampled these four cars for both the tests and came out quite surprised with a few of them.

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The most fun-to-drive Jaguar is the XE, hands down

The Jaguar XE felt the most composed in the lane change braking and slalom test. The baby Jag is compact, light and an excellent handler and hence negotiated the obstacles precisely without breaking a sweat. Due to the lightweight structure of the XE, lane changing is brisk while the body control on the slalom course is well balanced. The handling is so engaging that we managed to push it sideways between cones.