Ian Callum Jaguar

Interiors are the most important part of a car as the owner of the vehicle spends the most time there. There are very different directions automakers take with respect to interior design, some like it flashy while others like to keep it a bit subtle. Now Automotive Interiors Expo Awards has announced the Interior Designer of the Year and the winner is Ian Callum, who is the Director of Design at Jaguar.

Iam Callum needs no introduction. The modern design of today’s Jaguars can be credited to him and his team. The new XJ, XF, XK and F-Type are his master pieces which have got global acclaim for their stylish appeal and massive attention to detail. Some highlights of Jaguar car interiors are the rising rotary gear knob, AC vents which open up when you turn on the car and a dashboard which makes you feel truly special.

Ian Callum started his carrer with Ford in 1978 and moved to Ghia in 1990, subsequently working for TWR and Aston Martin. Ford bought Aston Martin in 1994 while Jaguar was already under the American carmaker’s fold in 1989. So in 1999, Ian Callum moved to Jaguar (at that time Ford owned both Jaguar and Aston Martin). In the past 14 years at Jaguar, Ian has transformed the company’s design into a bold and exciting direction.