Jeep Electric SUV
The car carries Jeep’s typical design language

The Jeep electric SUV will be introduced in global markets next year

Stellantis has shown the first-ever fully electric SUV from Jeep, which is set to be introduced in Europe by early 2023, while it revealed the strategic plan for the coming decade named ‘Dare Forward 2030’.

The group, which was created early last year from the merger of PSA Group and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, also previewed the new Ram 1500 BEV pickup truck arriving in 2024.

Visually, the upcoming Jeep electric SUV has the silhouette of a Jeep Compass, only a bit smaller in size and the overall design is very Jeep, with the car sporting butch styling.

Based on the eCMP platform, also used by Citroen and Peugeot, the electric SUV has a blanked grille flanked by main lights and DRLs, while the prominent bumper houses the small fog lights and central air intake.

Jeep Electric SUV Rear
The company aims to reach net zero emissions by 2038

Along the sides, the electric vehicle (EV) has large wheels, a narrow greenhouse, rear door handles located next to the window and a blacked top half. While at the rear, the lights and the styling remind one immediately of Citroen cars.

No further information about the Jeep electric SUV is available. But, CEO of Stellantis Carlos Tavares has revealed that it will be among 75 BEVs the group will launch within this decade.

The group aims to halve its carbon emissions by 2030 and achieve net zero by 2038. To do that, it plans to achieve 100 percent of sales in Europe and 50 percent of sales in the USA from EVs by the end of this decade.

Also, by 2030, Stellantis aims to reach annual sales of 50 lakh EVs and double net revenues to €300 billion (Rs. 25 lakh crores) in the same period.